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  • "lipstick" cameras

    Does anyone know where I can get a 'lipstick' camera in Perth?

    I want to be able to have my handycam in my backpack and mount the lipstick cam to the front of the bike or helmet.

    I've searched the web but no luck.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    ...having dinner with KARMA tonight...

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    Give Ace a PM. He's got something like that going.


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      i got a friend that sells that sort of stuff i'll get him to drop you an e-mail he has got helmet cam and all that stuff


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        i think it was jaycar that does them in disturbed on the forum.i know he gets them from somewhere else for half the price.still costs from $160 upwards without sound.strathfields has a new camera $240 which is suppose to be excellent.something like a small digital camera but without tape and no moving need to spend around $300 with extra memory.dont ask me how it works :shock:


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          Deej is all up in that shit too 954,



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            Go see Justice (Jarom) at Jaycar in Northbridge, tell him Deej sent ya and he said that you would hook a niggah up.

            You will get more discount if you first address him as "Justice in da house!".

            He is the big bloke, cant miss him.

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              you need to spend around $300 with extra memory.dont ask me how it works :shock:
              Hey Leroy, just how does that stuff work :?:


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                Thanks for all ya help fellas............will see how I go.......
                ...having dinner with KARMA tonight...


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                  Deej> He's the guy that decked out the guest bathroom at your place and the women's lockers at the gym right?


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                    go to Jaycar $300 gets you a colour lipstick camera no sound plugs into most camcorders piece of piss to hook up i used to work there and mine works great used to have it on fairing forwards and backwards with a switch to toggle between the two got good footage from the drags and from the streets
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                      [quote]Deej> He's the guy that decked out the guest bathroom at your place.....quote]

                      if thats the case .. i want to appologise for wat i did in ur bathroom the other day .... bad
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