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Stock or after market airfilters???

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  • Stock or after market airfilters???


    I've gotta buy a new air filter for my 2000 CBR600FY. Just after a bit of advice, when you call a Honda dealer and ask for a price on a stock part is it the same at every shop or do they all put on there own little bit of markup? Next question if i was to put in a after market filter ie k&n while running everything else stock(pipe jetting) do i need to get it rejetted? Finally if i get a K&N filter wheres the cheapest place to get them?

    Thanks in advance.


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    go see causeway honda(93616677)ask for chookie.i know bmc make a road or race filter so you have a choice.get the road wont have to do anything like jet etc and it will most probably be cheaper than a genuine one.


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      Dont know if its to late to give advice but i run a bmc, You can also buy a k&n cleaning kit and do it your self.

      Go see jason at Prestige honda.

      Hope it helped

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        I sell and reccomend both K&N Filters and BMC Filters.

        They range from $99 to $200 depending on model of motorcycle.

        I would forget about buying a 'genuine' one as they cost about $80 but you have to replace these regularly at required service intervals.

        The aftermarket is more efficient and you will only ever buy one. As mentioned you can service these yourself with a K&N Recharger kit.

        Come down and see me at Causeway Honda.

        Ask for Chookie.


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          Go the K&N once off purchase lasts forever and you notice a cleaner crisper response even with no other mods. also makes other mods more effective.
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            Do these air filters make BIG difference in bikes? What about on a 250? I know in cars they dont make much difference, just adds abit of grunt to the engine sound.


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              Re Air Filters

              Some bikes are sensitive regarding air flow into the motor and simply changing the stock aircleaner for a K&N without other adjustments can have an adverse affect on the bike. On my Vmax, if I was to change to a K&N filter without rejetting, the restriction of air would almost halve but the bike will run like shit with no power and one big flatspot from 0 rev's upward. If you want to change to performance aircleaners, do your homework first and be prepared to rejet the bike if neccessary.

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                Just came across this:K&N-filter

                Granted it's a ST1300, but same principle.

                Stock ST1300 Filter----------------K&N Replacement Filter