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  • LONG dirt bike rides

    Im thinking in particular of Lolly here (didnt there used to be a dirt bike sub section on psb? - anyhow)...

    After her "has anyone riding on the Biblumum track" post thought Id ask around for some longger rides so people dont feel the need to ride on walking tracks.

    So far I have

    - Holland Track (WA) - 500km track around Coolgardie
    - Finke Desert rally (NT) (friends did it and say "not recommended - waste of money- badly organised")
    - Cape York Motorcycle Adventures (QLD) - an expert led ride with bikes provided, varying lengths
    - West Coast Trial bike safaris (WA) - 1 or 2 day escorted rides around Bunbury (longer by arrangement) , bike provided if needed. Rob has done it, loved it.

    There ya go Lol's. I reckon go the Holland track, takes a lot of planning but. Support vehicle needed.
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    If you are you looking for just a "ride" or for competition.

    If the latter then join up with the enduro Club as they have a lot of events on private land that do 2 day stages and whatnot.

    If you just want a ride head out to metro road, it's 70+ km long with heaps of tracks running off it in all directions.

    Rangers do patrol the walking tracks every so often and they have 4wd's and dirties to chase you down so not recommended


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      That's not what the lady asked, taint.

      "so people dont feel the need to ride on walking tracks"

      I've ridden from Gawler to the back of Birdsville and back. Passed some of the Finke Desert stuff. I recommend it, but it's fucking long, and depending on what time of year you go, you can get rained in for days at a time. Support vehicle DEFINITELY needed.
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        Good point, teach me to pay attention to work when I am cruising PSB


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          Shyeah man, priorities!

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            I enjoyed the track we did with the West Coast Safari boys. It had pretty much every type of terrain imaginable. I must admit, I think I have an idea on our next adventure Lolly!!
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            hahah I hate it when they do that and you make some noises like you had it done just last year, then they give you that look, like you are a bad vagina owner and you should take better care of it!


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              There ya go Lol's. I reckon go the Holland track, takes a lot of planning but. Support vehicle needed.[/b]
              if i could just ad something here - holland track is also very busy during school holidays. Have done it in 4WD and on a bike i'd be extremely careful of dickheads screaming towards you around blind corners. Could easily be a very dangerous place, although i guess that goes for any "off road" area that is popular.

              So your after suggestions of long continuous tracks and organised tours? or just good long off road rides? If its the latter, then just get the WA Travellers Atlus and head down south and open the map and pick a route. With a little planning its very easy to go all the way from Perth to just about anywhere without bitumen roads.