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    Greetings fellow netizens of PSB.

    Trackday needs some help. We are currently looking for willing volunteers in the following areas:

    NB: If you have previously volunteered for Trackday Take 1 - The great resurfaced debacle - PLEASE REAPPLY NOW!


    If You have experience at organising meals (approx 20 breakkies, 100 lunch, 100 dinner) using BBQs, Spit Roasts, Rolls and other real good tucker and can help with our Breakfast Lunch and Dinner cooking please PM me. All infrastructure is already on site and food will be delivered to Barbagallo into your waiting arms.

    Otherwise we need willing hands to help at the meals during the day with Cooking, Serving, Preparation, Smiling . Please PM your willingness to help.


    We need people at Barbagallo from 7am on the Sunday morning until about 9am to help with registering the riders as they arrive, the role involves checking names, handing out showbags and knowing where to find Hewie and I when struck with a hard question

    Pit Area Marshalls

    Role throughout the day is ensuring that the various Rider groups are aware of when they are needed to form up on the dummy grid, to ensure maximum track time and smooth operation. Only a couple of these roles are required, and we reserve the right to choose volunteers based on their ability to herd cats .

    If you think you can help with any of the above positions, or believe you can offer something else, Please get your replys to me BEFORE the 9th of OCTOBER. In your PMs please include if you wish to purchase a PSB Trackday shirt (a limited edition thats only available to riders and volunteers) and what size you need.

    Thanks for your time yall . Just remember remember the 4th of November

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    Thanks to those who have applied so far

    Still need more willing helpers though


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      Still looking for more cooking/registration/pit marshall volunteers. Even if you can't spare all day, if you can help 7am-9am with regos, or 11am-2pm for lunches or 4pm-630pm with the dinner that would be fantastic.


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        find me a job uncle dingo and a "l" size shirt ta , will pay c.o.d on the morning

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          Thanks Grampa Potato

          Thanks for the responses so far everyone. REALLY REALLY still need some willing assistants for the barbie. Couple more for Regos wont go astray either


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            Available to be used. Just let me know

            Going off other sizing so far.. 'S', COD.


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              Dubs in for rego's

              mebbe [L] too



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                I mentioned it last night

                but i'll help with the food
                i'll even cut the onions if someone has a really really sharp knife

                and i'll PM you as well

                this reply is more of a BUMP



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                  PM sent....and Bumperooni
                  Originally posted by Viper
                  I'm probably fucking something up.
                  FOREVER RIDING WITH "DAVO" - FarRider #1



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                    Thanks everyone for those PMs.

                    Got plenty for regos now. All I need is someone or couple of people to Run the kitchen for the day? Anyone? Bueller?


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                      Originally posted by Dingo View Post
                      Thanks everyone for those PMs.

                      Got plenty for regos now. All I need is someone or couple of people to Run the kitchen for the day? Anyone? Bueller?
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                        The fine upstanding ladies of the Kitchen do a plenty good job of running themselves


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                          I wont run the kitchen but i'll give you guys a hand in there for a few hours as i'll be there watching Phil ride.

                          Put me down for the lunch shift?

                          Go ahead and play the blues if it'll make you happy.

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                            Thanks Zen and the others who have PMd me.

                            Sorry the rosters taking a bit longer everyone, new job has hit me for 6 :o Stay tuned


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                              Just noticed I had a whole heap of requests to join the trackday helpers room!

                              Sorry about the delay ... Will continue discussions in the helpers room