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  • PSB, Meet my new bike

    Ok, it's been a long drawn out process, but I finally have my bike. It's a 2007 ER6n, and it now has 116ks on the clock.

    I can't be assed explaining the whole story, but my I wanted a black one, but couldn't have one, So I got an orange one painted for me.

    Black bike, red frame, silver rims.

    Orange bike, black frame, black rims.

    So after a bit of stuffing about, I picked it up this afternoon, and it is totally awesome.

    I am very happy with how it looks now, black on black frame with the black rims. I like it even more than what I was originally going to be. The paint job is a metallic type black, and has had the Kawasaki stickers on the tank put on under a clear coat. Just waiting on the ER-6n stickers to come in, then it will be all perfect.

    I have a set of clear coated steel braided brake lines sitting next to me here ready to go on. The frame sliders and swingarm spools are in the mail, and a quick visit to Rilusi should sort me out with some rimstripes to break it up a bit.

    Oh tonight's riding included a quick stop in South Perth too.

    Better photos in due time, I promise.

    So does Ernie sound like a lame name for my ER6n? Or is it just bad form to give a bike a dude's name?
    I kinda like it already though...

    Stay tuned for slowish rides over the next two and a bit weeks so I can get it run in for the first service.

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    Ernie sounds great

    Congrats on the new steed!
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      Mad props. I'll be honest alot of the time I have been saying I like the er6n I was just saying it because you bought one but in the flesh, it looks pretty damn good.


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        Hey congrats mate, looks hot! bet thats a rare one of a kind now.

        `Ride on Cam - No. 52` :aus-salute:


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          Thanks guys.

          Oh and by the way, good suspension and dual front discs. Wow. That's what I've been missing out on.


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            niice... lotsa mad-looking streetfighter potential right there!!

            do eet


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              Congrats on your new ride.
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                congrats on the bike. looks sweet all black. orange looked to ktm superduke wannabe.

                and are you seriously calling him ernie?? that means you'd be riding a guy. thats slightly homosexual.


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                  Onya. I've always liked the look of them.
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                    ooh, noice! Congrats mate. You've been a very patient boy, buty I reckon it was worth the wait.

                    You could go mad painting it black, especially the passenger footpeg carrier thingy.

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                      Very narse....

                      Enjoy it mate. You've waited long enough i think.

                      Its time to start MODDDIIIIINNNNNGGGG!!!!!
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                        Nice bike. I think the black on black looks much better than the black on red from the factory.

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                          Congrats Bendito! Looks like you'll prolly want a radiator guard too, for next country run you decide to hang out with the parrots


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                            Congrats Sweet looking


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                              Looks hot man! How about Erin? In honour of our very own special MAD babe, and fits with ER6n too. Plus it's a ladies name...
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