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Yet another servicing question

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  • Barfridge
    Have a chat to the dealer, they should sort you out.

    Actually...make sure you chat to the mechanic, not the sales/service guy on the shop floor. Messages like that have a habit of being lost in translation, and the first thing any mechanic will do at a service is crack open the sump plug.

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  • Kiwi
    started a topic Yet another servicing question

    Yet another servicing question

    My 14 is due for the 6k service, I changed the oil and filter @ 5k so I guess the shop will be happy to do the service without the oil and filter??

    I'm really only after the stamp in the book for warrantry reasons...

    or will they say we need to do that? Seems a waste if that is the case. The reason I changed it @ 5k is cause that seemed like a good time to go to a full synthetic oil.