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Pocketbikes in Vic Park / Burswood

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  • Pocketbikes in Vic Park / Burswood

    Just had a look at some at this shop, they've got Chinese pocket bikes for $800 as well as the Italian ones for a few grand. The guy says they do 65Kmh out of the box .. and he's got the scabs to prove it.

    Movement Systems
    100a Burswood Rd

    Tel. 9362 1488

    Its around the corner from the Causeway bike shops, other side of Shepparton Rd.

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    Are they full fairing ones?

    You can get naked ones for off ebay for like $500-$600 and about $70 postage.

    ANd you can get the awesome full fairing ones from oz pocket bikes for like $780 shipped. THose oz pocket bike ones look so much better than ne pocket bikes ive seen so far - they even have mirrors!!


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      I saw 2 dudes in my suburb riding them around, one guy said his done 60kph with more to go ( his mate in a car was following him)
      Said he paid $500 but they retail for $800, but he was mates with the importer.


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        The Chinese ones I saw were half fairing, but they have ordered 140 full fairing ones, due in 3 wks I think. They are sending some of these to Eastern States apparently.

        They are the same size as the Italian ones (ie: true Pocket bike size).

        A bloke down my street got one from someone in Malaga, who also apparently imports them and was selling for $600. Next time I see him I'll try and get the name / shop.

        I'm not sure full fairing is a great idea, more plastic to break !