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'61 Nortons... where to find Norton clubs?

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  • '61 Nortons... where to find Norton clubs?

    Got some classic bikes that we're restoring and planning to sell in the somewhat distant future, and I need some tips on contacting people that will definitely look after them and be interested in them. I'm sure there'll be a few people here that are interested too, but we're looking to really broaden our options. I was thinking about putting this in the for-sale section, but since we're not selling just yet or even looking for an EOI but just some information I'm putting it here instead.

    First bike that's being restored... 1961 Model 50 Norton 350cc single. I am secretly hoping to do my R-test on this bike before we sell it. It'd be awesome for my dad and I to get our R licences on the same bike - definitely a kodak moment. This bike is in relatively good condition right now, been in long term storage for the past 16 years. We're going to re-chrome and restore it back to it's former glory in 1978, when my dad bought it in Malaysia. Won't out drag my 250 but will climb a tree in top gear due to the long stroke of the piston.

    Second bike that's being restored... 1961 Model 88 Norton Dominator 500cc parallel twin. In lots and lots of pieces right now. I guess that makes it a little easier to restore right? Less parts to pull off? But it's all there, just needs to be put together and re-chromed/treated for rust.

    So given these are classic Norton bikes, we'd like to really have them go to a Norton enthusiast, like some old codger who had one of these as his first bike, would take great care of them and would like to relive the dream (especially the 350, rock up to a Norton convention on one of those and I don't expect any shortage of onlookers). Any suggestions as to where I could find such people/forums?

    Quoting a Norton website:
    Model 50 1956-63, 348cc, ohv single, 400lb, 75mpg, 75mph
    A gentle traditional British single with nice manners, but a little down on performance. Post ’59 models are the ones to buy with the famous featherbed frame, decent lights and good looks. Very few survive, most were built into Tritons. The engine is vice-less and the steering is excellent.

    Dominator 88 1951-66, 497cc, ohv twin, 420lb, 60mpg, 90mph
    The first of the featherbed framed roadster twins using a model 7 engine. Good road holding and brakes matched with a smooth engine. The wideline frame can be uncomfortable on a long run.
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    I dont know these people but one of the boys that works for me
    is in this club he has a couple of old triumphs
    The classic motorcycle riders club W.A.
    Ray + annie
    9295 1342
    [email protected]