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  • Importing a bike

    just wondering if anyone has had any experience importing a bike, particularly from the US. I thought with the strong Aussie currency it would be worth investigating. As far as I know, you have to pay GST and of course register the new bike. I'm not sure about warranty though, or any other charges??? Any pitfalls???

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    I havn't from the US but the biggest hurdle is ADR's all sorts of odd stuff like indicator spacings limits on rake which side the headlight dips too etc etc. You will have to pay GST unless its a personnel import which you need to prove you have owner it overseas for the last 12months. If its a model thats already avalible in Australia it should be a bit easier but it will still need an engineers cert the problem is thier is a very limited No of engineers and they are usally very relutant to approve something thats already brought in buy and offical importer.

    Dpending on the individual country/state you are importing it from you may have to pay the local sales tax despite the fact you are exporting it and you may end up worse off than buying it locally. The actual import permit is only around $50 but can take up to 6weeks to get DOTARS is the govt agencey if you don't have it before it lands on the warf it can be held up in customs who charge serious dollars for storage. Athough here's the doosy you can't apply for an import permit unless you already own the bike and have to supply proof of purchase I understand why its done but basically you fork over you money and hold your breath and hope you get the permit. They are pretty helpful though and you can sort of do a dummy application where they'll look and what you are going to do and give you and indication if they will approve it or not, (athough they will stress this is not a garrentee).

    Fortunatly for me my bike isn't road registered so the import process was relatively painless and I ended up with around a %12 discount on the local rrp. Its a bit long winded and you have to check everthing out throughly before proceeding. I dunno weather I would of bothered for a road registered machine.
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      Wow importing and trying to register a bike from the US would be a real scary process, as mentioned due to the ADRs.

      If you talk to the guys at SuperCycles in Osborne Park they'll tell you how hard and expensive the process is as they've been through it with 3 different makes of Chopper now, firstly Hellbound Steel, then Pro-One and now Saxon.

      After speaking to them, and two other companies over East that have been through it (one with Big Bear Choppers) I've found out that these places have invested approx $100K per make to get the ADR Compliance plates on these bikes so they can offer them up for sale with full registration.

      Any bike you bring in, expected to strip it down to a bare frame so the engineers can X-ray all the welds on the frame before they'll even just sign off on that. Then work upwards with every component from there...


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        Importing Vehicles to Australia


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          I looked into it when I was looking to purchase the 07 Street Bob, but from Saudi and not US. To simplify the process you would need to purchase an International model.... they may not be available in the US, but if they are then California would be the only state. Not sure if the VIN sticker is strictly for Oz on the bikes that come here but there is certainly one on the swingamr that relates to exhaust noise.

          Perhaps ask the question on the new HD Oz Forum...
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            How well can you weld a compliance plate back on?

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