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    This topic has probably been raised previously, and is commonly reviewed in various mags and websites. However, I would like to get the opinion of users rather than testers/dyno's on what pipe they found to be the best for their bike. I've got a CBR900RR and am getting tired of the lack of noise and mid range performance.
    Obviously the more nosie the safer it is too right?
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    not too sure about blades, but on zookies, yoshi pipes offer more top end than something like a roo pipe. The yoshi however is a reasonable amount of noise, where the roo is just too much. the local cunt-stibulary will hear you coming a mile away.
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      would it be worth changing the end can on a 250? from the standard on say a cbr 250, zx2r??


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        As churchy said. When it comes to Zookies, yoshi spend more time and monkey researching their pipes on these bikes so there is only one choice to make.

        As for other bike brands, there are so many choiced to choose from.

        I would buy the best pipe that you can afford from a name brand supplier.

        To be truly biased, when you consider performance and build quality, you cant go past an Akrapovic, however…… they cost more than the rest.

        U get what you pay for in this world.

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          Talk to Dyno Time or the Honda Shop, they will be able to advise you what is the best bang for your bucks for different bikes.
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            I've always had Roo Racing cans on my Blades, so I can't really comment on whats best. But I've always been impressed with their quality of workmanship, performance and sound (especially when fully sleeved)

            They are loud but if that what it takes for f'kin asian volvo drivers to hear ya, then so be it.

            ps. No racial discrimination intended to fellow non-aussie riders.
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              I would have to agree with Deej on this one.

              You definately get what you pay for.

              Akrapovic would simply have to be one of the best performing exhausts money can buy.

              I run a full titanium race system on my 2003 Blade and it worth a full 10hp gain from standard.

              However for street use any reputable aftermarket exhaust will be an improvement over the stock exhaust and should cater for what you are looking for.

              For example Honda Australia and Honda America run the Jardine on the new 1000RR Blade. (We have one on our demo bike if you would like to see and hear one) Another customer of mine just recently purchased a Devil pipe. Both have been dynoed by Russell and both produce fairly even results.

              Similiarly Trevor Hedge found the same results when he conducted an exhaust comparison with the Honda CB1300. The figures were all fairly even, to the point that it would be hard to feel the difference between the aftermarket pipes on the street.

              Then there is Tex's 600RR vs my teamates 600RR from Causeway Honda.

              Tex uses a Micron (105hp) whereas Leon uses a Leo Vinci (107hp). Both bikes were virtually new when dynoed and produce similiar figures.

              What you should consider is the look, the material, the noise level, the sound and the price you are prepared to pay.

              I have a carbon fibre devil pipe, titanium remus pipe, alloy gianelli and a titanium akrapovic in stock for you to view if you wish.

              I had a Roo on my first Fireblade but found the Carbon Fibre faded rather quickly and the noise becomes annoying after awhile.

              Ti delivers a crisper note, Carbon by far the deepest with Alloy somewhere in between.

              The weight saving between all of them is negligable for street use.

              Point to note, most 'Ti' pipes aren't really all 'Ti' Most have only a 'Ti' outer sleeve whilst the inners and end caps are made of stainless or alloy.

              Akrapovic are an excemption to this rule.

              What model blade do you have?

              To assist with the performance and the overall efficiencyof your bike you should also consider an aftermarket airfilter - K&N or BMC and a Power Commander or Dynojet Kit if required.

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                ..... it has been said. nice.

                So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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                  do u have to worry about a PC and air filter if u just go for a slip on ??
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                    i had a stainless yoshi pipe on my old blade, and the sound was incredible.... the folks could hear me from about three kays away when i was coming home..... :shock:

                    not too sure about the performance gain on it though, cause it was on there when i got it....


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                      We have an Akropovic system (headers) on the Gixxer but have always gotten more power out of the ROO Racing cans. The team use to run Yoshi cans on the TL they raced but have always run an Akro system with roo can on the gsxr1000s.


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                        Thanks for the comments everyone.
                        I think an Alloy or Ti will be the go for me, will have to
                        check out the price ranges as suggested, and likely get the
                        aftermarket Filter/Jet Kit and obligatory Dyno.
                        A Yoshi or Akra would be nice

                        The next issue is do I buy the exhaust or keep saving pennies
                        to upgrade my 97 blade for a newer bike??
                        "I live my life a 1/4mile at a time"