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    Ok People,

    This is important. I bought a magzine about 3 months ago, lent it to my neighbour 2 months ago and now he says he's lost it and thats it. When I said you can buy me a new one he looked at me like im off another planet. Is it not normal to replace something you have lost that isn't yours ??? Anyways, he says if I get the name he'll replace it. I need the name, and, if possible where to buy it from (I bought from Lucky Charm Rockingham).


    Only comes out annually
    Has a write up on all your major models ie 1L's, 600's, street, nakeds
    Worth ~ $24

    Please someone must know what it is called, no newsagency can search without a name.

    Plus my nextdoor neighbour rides a BMW so just for that he should pay me back!


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    more details, like what it could be titled/ does it have a aconym name, colour, place of origin ie:US Aus UK mag etc

    come on bushy help us help u

    try this for some help, only u know what u're looking for
    Search | The Pitstop Bookshop

    here are some samples from Pitsop Book Shop

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      there was one last year called ESSENTIAL FAST BIKES.

      try ebay


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        Guys... ease up... he's asked for help. If he cant come to a MOTORCYCLE FORUM and ask if anyone knows what he's on about where can he go? This is one of the good things about PSB, the resources.

        Granted, his initial description isnt very detailed... but if thats all he's got to go by then so be it.

        If you cant help, simply move onto another post, and resist the urge to ridicule or have a go at them.
        If you can... you MUST!


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          Ah, I've got that laying around somewhere, I'll have a look and PM you if I find it.

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