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  • Ewan Mcgregor Bike Trip

    Hey all

    Just watching mythbusters tonight and they are advertising a bike documentary with Ewan Mcgregor and his best mate.

    Travel right accross Europe. 20,000kms in 115 days. Looks pretty awesome. Road and off road.

    Starting soon on SBS. Next few weeks by the looks.

    Think I saw a thread on this not so long ago? Or someone mentioned it anyways.

    Keep it in mind, looks quite interesting. Think there on BMW's??
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    it's called "long way round". some of you may've heard of it before....
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      Originally posted by chief wiggum View Post
      it's called "long way round". some of you may've heard of it before....

      ^^^^ Yep what the cheif said
      `Ride on Cam - No. 52` :aus-salute:


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        yep, its not new but its a great watch

        the dakar one (with charlie only) is really interesting and inspiring too


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          Watched them on EnoughRope with Andrew Denton last week and apparently (missed the first few minutes ) they are about to release another vid called Long Way Down which they travelled thru' Africa. Same concept as Long Way Round. Cant wait for it to be released...hopefully in time for Xmas.


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            Great viewing, Highly recommend to anyone who has'nt seen it.
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              Another excuse to stay home on a Saturday night :-|


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                Just saw the add again

                Starts on SBS: Saturday November 3rd

                Didn't say a time. Actually 20,000 miles not km's. Far out :o
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                  And if you can't wait go find an ABC shop and get the DVDs- after I was finally talked into watching the first episode, we had to do a weekend marathon coz I kept wanting to know what they got up to next!!

                  Bring on Long Way Down!!
                  <3 Nay!

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                    Yep its awesome! I only saw the last episode when it was on foxtel. But that was enuff to make me go buy the DVDs. They have been watched many times. Already pre-ordered Long way down.


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                      what an adventure that'd be. we watched it on fox and it was interesting from start to finish. looking forward to the next series
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                        JB HiFi had it for $15.95 a while back. (The Long Way Round that is).

                        Well worth whatever you pay for it, just watch it.

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                          "Race to Dakar" is the one with just Charlie Boorman and is an excellent watch, Ewan makes a surprise appearance in it.
                          I am yet to see long way around, just haven't had the time yet but hear nothing but good things about it


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                            Dunno I really hated the race to Dakar all Charlie did was winge too dusty too rocky etc etc WTF did he expect its the Dakar FFS. The best thing that happened was he hurt himself and was out of the raoce and his mate that finished did most of the cometry and came across like he had half a brain. I haven't see the travel ones hopefully they'll be a bit more enteritaning.
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                              tis a good watch.

                              It was actually done way back in 2004/05. London to New York through Europe and Russia. Quite enjoyable if you can put up with Charlie Boorman winging like a bitch non stop throughout the whole trip.

                              Long Way Down was just recently completed (as in the last few weeks) and the show will air on BBC soon (and other stations to follow obviously). DVD out very soon, i believe. John-o-grotes (spelling?) in Scotland all the way down to Seth Effrica.

                              A little birdie in London tells me that another trip through Asia is in the early planning stages. Vague possibility of that trip including a leg to Australia but the logistics are obviously a problem. Also there are difficulties in China with local licenses being required, or some such problem. If it does go ahead it would probably be the best trip IMHO.