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Break light always on

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  • Break light always on

    After being told to take my foot off the brake all this time, it seems its not my fault at all and that there must just be faulty wiring in the light as it always seems to be on whether my foot is on the brake or not, and only flickers off quickly when going over a bump.

    Now for the questions

    Am i able to get this fixed under warranty as its a new bike? And if so, does it have to be takin back to the dealer that i bought it from? Or am i able to have someone else do it?

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    Sounds like a loose wire. Take it back to the dealer that you bought it from and they will be able to rectify the issue


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      Loose wire? It's not reverse polarity is it?

      Either way, take it back. Think it just needs a small adjustment though. Nothing major Leah. Prob take em 2 minutes to do while you wait.


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        What sort of bike do you have?

        On my GPX the rear brake switch is adjustable, and I had the opposite problem after changing the rear brake lever (i.e. the light didn't go on unless there was a heap of pressure on the lever, more than I'd ever use when riding due to certain rear lockup). I adjusted it properly and the brake light now lights up nicely with a slight touch of the lever, but stays unlit otherwise.


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          its a cbr600rr

          now ive gone and had another look, and its to do with the back brake, it will turn off if i lift the lever slightly, but once you use it again, stays on until you lift it again

          am i making sense? haha


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            Yes you do and it should be only an adjustment of the height of the brakelight switch.;
            Adjust the bracket/screwfitting of the brake light actuator.


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              easy fix, swing past the dealer at your earliest convenience and I'm sure they will be able to help on the spot. especially if you call in advance.
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                thanks for all your help guys