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Insurance is good mmmmkay

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  • Insurance is good mmmmkay

    Wow, that was a shock. Just dropped my bike down for some repairs after my off last week or when ever it was. No major damage aside from farings. Approx $4k damage, and that's just what their 1st thoughts are, it may end up being even more.

    I also viewed this as a good chance to upgrade a few of the goodies on the lil green beastie. So I'll be getting a double bubble screen and some nice gold brake/clutch levers. I thought about going sperm coloured but thought that might piss off desmo :p
    Originally posted by kyliejane
    benjamin is nobodys friend. if benjamin were an ice cream flavor, he'd be pralines and dick.
    Originally posted by harns
    Good riders don't need insurance though, they can evade any situation


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    Ouch, horay for in-sure-ants
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