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  • RE: Bike Parking in CBD

    Hey guys,

    There is an article in the latest issue of Australian Road Rider mag with our very own Paul Shields - the guy who organised the parking petition from this thread;

    I've scanned the article but it seems that photobucket automatically resizes the image to the point where you cant really read the text.

    Anyone got a suggestion as to how i can post it? Its a jpeg file.

    If anyone can suggest how to do it, i'll ad it into this thread and change the title back to something representing the topic.


    edit - seems i cant change the title. meh its too hard.

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    Bump... anyone? I would like to read this.
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      Might have been better to have the title line "Help wanted in posting a jpg file that you might want to read" some might skip over the thread cos it's another CBD parking thread IMHO

      Sorry can't help, I never have any problems