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  • buying from da USA

    hi peeps whats the best way to get a set of expansion chambers from the us you need to insure them ? would you post or sea freight them ? how long should they take.....anything else to think off...mike

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    I always use USPS Express Mail international which is 3-5 days, depending on the purchase will depend on if i insure.

    If it's over 1000AUD you will get hit for duties and taxes.
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      +1 and ask for a tracking number for the shipment.


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        Surface mail is hit or miss, ive had two large items sent by suface mail, one got here (set of forks) the other was never seen again (916 swingarm). I got my money back on the price of the swing arm but didnt get rembursed the postage costs.


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          Oh and your looking at about 8 weeks average surface mail.. paypal only gives you 45 days to lodge complaints...