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Getting Rego for UNreg bike

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  • Getting Rego for UNreg bike

    Hey peoples...

    9 days till I start my trek from Brisvegas to Perth... Anyway... My question is, how anal are WA transport in getting an unreg bike registered? Id take it I will have to take the bike down to their pits to get it checked out, pay heaps of money and then if all is well... pay another fee and then get plates...

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    It's usually just a long wait at the pits.

    Heaps of theads on this if you do a search, lots of useful info contained in them as well


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      I visited the pits recently & it cost about $75 and 1 1/2 hours wait.
      After that you pay for 6 or 12 months rego & that should be it.


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        i guess a lot depends on what sort of condition your bike is in. is it a pile of shite, or is it in showroom condition?
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