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2003 Suzuki GSXR 600 Flaring

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  • 2003 Suzuki GSXR 600 Flaring

    Unfortunately some idiot side-swiped my partner on the way home from work tonight and he came off his bike.

    Thankfully he steered it into the dirt so he managed to minimise the damage to him thankfully but the bike it a bit smashed up and it is going to need new flaring (looks like he nicked a rock as there's a massive gouge on the side) and a new indicator for the right hand side

    So any ideas where to start looking besides from the obvious suzuki dealers. We want to get it fixed ASAP as its his pride and joy

    Thanks guys

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      you mean fairing.

      try ring up motorcycle wreckers. they'll have it cheaper than dealers will.

      also if that fails ebay? will take longer probably to get here but will be cheaper. (although if you're not careful you will end up paying a "cheap price" for a crap fairing)


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        Before someone starts giving you grief, "fairing" not "flaring".

        Try the dealers, try the wreckers. Believe it or not, try a panelbeater that does bikes - the things they can do with plastic today are damned impressive.

        Failing that, fairings or parts thereof come up all the time on eBay - my av started as a full set that I got shipped from the states for about the same as two secondhand panels here.

        Good to hear he wasn't hurt - no chance of insurance sorting it for you?

        Best of luck with it.
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          He hasn't got comprehensive - just 3rd party

          The flaring issue explains why I was having no luck on google lol


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            sorry... had to be done
            ...stupid expensive singapore, with its stupid road tolls, and stupid petrol prices, make me take stupid public transport


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              was the driver insured? if so his insurance should cover the repair bill, no ?


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                Originally posted by taDere View Post
                was the driver insured? if so his insurance should cover the repair bill, no ?
                If he stopped....
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                  yes, i suppose that is a big IF..


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                    A bit pricey, especially on the shipping, but you never know what can be arranged with the seller. This hasn't got long to run, but you might be able to contact the seller and organise "Buy it now" listing or something.

                    eBay Motors: 01-03 SUZUKI GSXR GSX-R 600 750 GSXR600 GSXR750 Fairing (item 170158275858 end time Oct-18-07 19:53:05 PDT)
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