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    Hi guys, i am about to go shopping for leathers.
    I am looking at Two-Piece suits for the versatility they provide over the One-Piece suits.
    I want to wear the suit all year round. I am off to the bike shops to try all different brands and find my size in those brands and the price of them.

    Just wondering, if people can recommend a brand/model of motorcycle leathers. I am going to be riding all year round, rain hail shine, commuting, coutry rides and track days so i need something that will be a great all rounder.

    I want something with removable/replaceable knee sliders and a back protector hump and if possible, removeable/upgradeable armour inserts.

    What is your best brand/preferrered leathers and what do you think i should get?

    Cheers guys.


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    Ventilated leather for summer.
    My unventilated jacket is already way too hot without the liner on a sunny day.


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      Umm the ones that fit you

      You won't be able to get 2 piece with a hump, that I'm pretty sure of.

      Lots of nive leathers out there they just fit differently, just have fun at all the shops

      Tip - Make sure you sit on some bikes on the showroom floor while you're trying them on


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        +1 for the vented leathers for summer.

        With brands...ehh. It comes down to what you like, what you can afford, and what fits you I think. Do some research on the innernet about people's crash stories to see what has held up to some abuse, and construction quality etc. Not all leathers are created equal and there will be huge variations in construction quality including stitching on main seams, thickness of the leather in critical areas, and armour. Some armour in some brands is just there as a token gesture, whereas others is actually tested.

        What I did is bought an Alpinestars jacket first and the track pants later because I knew the leather jacket would zip up to the pants no problems. Does the same job as a 2 piece off the shelf suit (and has the hump on the back if that's your thang).


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          It sounds like you already know everything that you want out of the leathers. Now it is just a matter of finding some that fit, are in your price range, and you like the look of.

          I honestly think your price range will dictate which ones you get....

          What are you willing to spend?
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            Line up with Mike at Exclusive Leather Traders - I have a 2 piece set custom made on its way including sliders and armour (but no hump) for under $500.00 and it looks reasonably strong stuff.

            The crotch is kevlar for breathing whilst retaining some strength.

            Give him a call, go check the stuff out.
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              I got a teknic perforated leather jacket (has a couple of fabric panels as well for venting) from the honda shop the other day.

              I'm happy with it it can zip onto a pair of pants, feels cooler than the dririder i was using, matches my bike, etc

              Got the jacket for 500...
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                Hey Munches,

                How's the grazes and how much s**t were you in when you got home?

                In regards to leathers, Steve, one of the instructors from yesterday runs Sixth Sense m/c clothing and does custom leathers at a good price for people he has seen b4

                I have his card at home, will pm you later with his phone number-just let him know who you are and you will get a bargain


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                  I've ordered a set from this guy. He seems to know what he's talking about. I got myself measured properly and sent them to him and he's saying they'll be ready in 4 weeks, made to my measurements and with my colour / design changes at the listed "Buy it now" price.

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                    Straye01 got a two piece with a hump. Alpine stars. If you PM him I'm sure he'll fill you in on the details
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                      I'm looking into the same thing as my Icon motorhead jacket probably wont vent well enough for summer and it gives me an excuse to go out and buy new gear I'm looking at the Alpinestars mx-1 or the Alpinestars SMX airflo from last year. They both seem to have adequate venting, look a treat, have a hump and will zip to pants when i decide to upgrade the icon jeans... Oh and i noticed you a pair of SIDI boots, are they the vertigo air?


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                        Hey munches, i'm just in the process of getting myself a jacket too mate. Good timing for the topic, thankyou!

                        Thanks for all the info everybody
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                          I got a alpinestars SMX vented jacket 07 with hump which matches up with track pants.
                          Great ventilation, but you'll freeze to death in winter.
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                            I have a Joe Rocket GPX 2 piece.
                            It has leather where it counts and very breathable.
                            It has alot of the hard foam padding but can be removed and replaced with armor inserts.
                            I wear it all year round and have no problems in it.

                            edit: in winter I just throw a jumper and tracky's over the top, or my 1 piece wet weather suit.


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                              Hey Ben, I found the rocket and teknis suits mentioned very cost effective and well made, but probably not as good as dianese or alpinestars stuff. My teknic 2 piece is great on warmer days and supports the body better on long rides, but freezing cold on chilly nights. Two shirts and a jumper help....the pants are fine.
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