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Some people..need life lessons

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  • Some people..need life lessons

    Does anyone know the Mr David Gasjsek (p37, West today)who was banned for life(for the second time), for doing 128 in a 70 on his bike on South St? Claimed he "had accelerated to miss two dogs on the side of the road, and to protect his pregnant girlfriend on the back" And told police he did 200km/hr every day, and would ride at whatever speed he wanted. Don't know whether to laugh or cry, admire attitude or bemoan the fact he has already passed his genes(apparently) on
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    He's got Moxie, I'll give him that.

    Apart from that he's a fool. People like that shouldn't be allowed on the road. Shame is it wont stop him. IIRC, one of the accidents on the long weekend a couple of weeks back, was a guy with a suspended licence, who'd had it suspended several times before, ran a red light and hit someone. People like that need to pull their heads in. And not allowed to breed/raise children.

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      mmmm I wonder if he'll loose his E licence???


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        I am going to leave this thread the fuck alone.

        O wait.

        You're doing 68 in a 70 zone. Something happens and you decide to manoeuvre to avoid. On the bikes we ride a quick tip of the throttle has you doing well in excess of 100km/h in about a second. So sucks to be pinged as that's happening.

        But to then tell the cops you do over 200 daily? Man, it's a shame he got his girlfriend pregnant...
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          We talkin the same Gadget who has done a billion passes down at the Motorplex ?


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            He should ride however he wants, it's up to the police to stop him. It's their job, they are the professionals. What's more scary, that there are allegedly so many "dangerous repeat offenders" or that the police (who's job it is to get them off the road) haven't been doing it?
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              who was banned for life(for the second time),
              I'm sure he'll be pissed the next time he gets a life ban
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                The end will be spectacular.


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                  Originally posted by thro View Post
                  I'm sure he'll be pissed the next time he gets a life ban
                  ROFL, yeah its not like an "OMG LIFE BAN" is going to stop this halfwit from riding anyway.


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                    ^^ WHS

                    Seriously, even if you DO ban people from riding/driving/whatever, if they idiots they're going to do it anyway.

                    They don't care if they have a license or not, they don't care about anyone else around them. It sucks that no one gives a shit if they injure other people anymore.

                    Fine, if you want to hurt yourself, go for it - but don't include anyone else such as innocent bystanders (not that he has in this case from the looks of it, but it's only a matter of time)
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                      WTF?! this is Perth Street Bikes.

                      Some of us are hoons, in fact, lots. I can't believe the sanctimonious shit people spin around here some days.

                      If you really feel that way ranmar and browca, go join the road safety council and sit on dorro's lap all day.
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                        Yeah well, go back and read some of Browca's comments and it should give you some idea of what he's about.


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                          Just one little remark,
                          If you do not want to receive a "nasty" PM from the proud wearer of the clownshoes, then just let him have free reign on this forum and in no way reply on the posts.


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                            Hey Gajet, guess your famous
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                              Originally posted by Jamathi View Post
                              Just one little remark,
                              If you do not want to receive a "nasty" PM from the proud wearer of the clownshoes, then just let him have free reign on this forum and in no way reply on the posts.
                              That wasnt nasty. It was forthright and upfront, and it was in the correct realm. Private message.

                              Which is far more than can be said for petty children fighting some imagined feud via piss poor snide comments in threads.
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