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  • "Oh sorry, didnt see you"

    They've done it again. I was riding to uni like any good boy does, doing the limit, and theres a line of traffic which i am in, and a car on the side of the road that wants to merge. he's got his indicator on like a good little boy.
    Next thing i know is he's pulled out in front of me while im only about 2-3 car lengths away from the car in front.
    so in comes quick braking 101, except the front wheel locks up a bit. Luckily it was straight and stable, i missed him by about 10cm!
    Almost uncleaned my clean undies!!
    And he's waving at me! what the hell? waving like hes saying "im ok"
    so i take over him, i didnt quite stop but i moved to the side just in time from imprinting his boot and window with my body, ride past him and tell him to F**ing look for once you &*#$%&^#^#&^ or something similar.

    Next lights are red and he's behind me
    so i step off and walk back to his car. Hes about 40, "oh sorry, i didnt see you"
    "well you obviously werent looking"
    "i thought you were gonna stop"
    "i thought you didnt see me. And you c**ts wonder why motorcyclists keep dying"
    walk away shaking head.

    What have you had to lock up your brakes for??
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    I love riding, especially yamamas

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    lucky mate, well done on keeping it up after locking the brakes
    If cleanliness is next to godliness, why was jesus a dirty sandal-wearing beardo?


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      Originally posted by Motormaniac View Post
      "i thought you were gonna stop"
      mmm that's a new one


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        Originally posted by Stoneville View Post
        mmm that's a new one
        When I pulled up next to a driver who didn't see me (to have a 'chat') she told me:
        "I don't know what you're talking about - I've never seen you before in my life."
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          Shouldn't this be in the Rants thread?


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            L2ride noob. Assume nothing. Anticipate everything. Wheelie everywhere.
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              pfft. the same thing woulda happened if anyone was riding where i was. u can anticipate, thats why i didnt hit him. but i wouldnt think it likely he would attempt to merge cos one, he barely fit, two, he wouldnt have been able to accelerate away properly.

              And besides, i was also asking about the times when u guys were forced to lock up your wheels... so not quite just a rant
              I love riding, especially yamamas


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                Grumpy pills today Ferris? You need to come see me and get a new bike I think


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                  Sounds like one of those places where road positioning is important.

                  I had a similar one the other day. Was in a right turning lane on the right wheel line. In the left lane was a knob wanting to get into my lane but he was three cars ahead.

                  In all honesty, when he looked in his mirror all he would have seen is a gap between the car in front of me and the one behind.

                  When the traffic started moving and that gap got beside him he started moving into it only to find me there. I didn't see him coming as I was behind a truck. He didn't see me for the same reason.

                  He stopped three inches from my leg.

                  But I'm never too old to learn so now I sit on the left side and only move to the right into the turn.
                  To be old and wise you must first be young and stupid.

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                  Sorry, no matter how much you try, you can not ignore yourself.


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                    not the case. i could see his mirror, he was looking out his window behind. was stationary. I looked him in the eye cos i wanted to make sure he could see me. not sure if he looked me in the eye back though....
                    should have used my new carbon knuckles on his mirror to make sure he got one that worked properly
                    I love riding, especially yamamas


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                      anticipation... good!! expect the unexpected and all that crap.. good save is all i'm really tryin to say
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                        Originally posted by Dingo View Post
                        Grumpy pills today Ferris? You need to come see me and get a new bike I think
                        Nah, just taking the piss. I've seen Motomaniac ride. ^_^
                        Work Buy Consume Die