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Good thing I don't live there...

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  • Good thing I don't live there...

    [ame=""]YouTube - ACIDENTE DE MOTO NO TUNEL[/ame]
    Feed 'em to the pigs, Errol....

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    fucking took them long enough to help him


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      Must be some Perth drivers in that video.

      I mean seriously, WTF were some of those people doing!?

      Must be people having trouble adjusting to the darkness.

      How was that bloke in the 4WD at the beginning, that the bike hit, who just kept driving.
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        Man that was just unbelievable...good on the guys risking their own life to save that in store for us in the future? Surely we must be able to avoid things like that by lights in the tunnel as we have in the graham farmer...they were all going way too fast!
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          What a fukin cockhead in the 4wd? he clearly takes out the rider and doesn't even look at stopping.

          Un fukin believable

          Good on the people that risked ther safety to help the rider down
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            Ummm nobody mentioned anything about the guy that was riding beside him, why didnt he stop. And the good samaritan that put his hazards as he drove away from the accident.


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              Very sad shit.


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                How fucked up is that


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                  "No machine has a soul until a man shares his own with it."


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                    seems like they should blot out the white lines and put a sign up saying "free for all, enter at own risk"

                    ...oh wait, i think they already have.


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                      thigns i hate about that vid:

                      1. guy breaks down, doesnt bother to pull over to the side but blocks entire lane

                      2. motorcyclist appears to cut off other motorcyclist and run them into the stopped car

                      3. motorcyclist reacts late and swerves deeply into the 4wd

                      4. 4wd doesnt bother to stop

                      5. in this world, there are 60 useless morons to every 1 useful person
                      Originally posted by Bendito
                      If we get to a stop and we are missing a dozen bikes and you are last, it was your fault. Don't be that guy. No one likes that guy.