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  • Hayabusa scam

    Did anyone see the 2001 suzi hayabusa for sale on ebay for $3200, it was in great cond and almost too good to be true. I emailed the seller they said they were in the uk and needed a quick sale, i asked for more info and if i could see the bike and there was no response i now see the item has been removed from ebay. I was excited at first but the more i looked into it the more it seemed like a scam, Does anyone have any info or did some lucky bugger actually buy it for that price and if so can i come over and have a go on it?
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    This is a super, super common scam.

    Simple rule of thumb, if it appears too good to be true, it is.
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      Originally posted by Cameronjones View Post
      This is a super, super common scam.

      Simple rule of thumb, if it appears too good to be true, it is.
      +1 seen a 05 R1 in trading post for 6k, removed the next day
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        Yeah there was a thread entitled 'fleabay scam' in here before.

        Total Scam, someone tried to set up inspection, it was dodgy as fuck.
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          Here is the other thread.


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            best first simple check is there sales history and when the seller joined ebay

            it's in the top right corner.

            they usally have never sold before and only joined a few days ago.

            some people suggest if you email them you go onto email lists for sellers of fake viagra etc

            what a sad way to get email addys lol
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              some are scams, some arent, mate just bought an 05 fireblade 1000 for 7.5 grand

              has had it for 6 weeks notthings wrong no twist nothing.....

              i guess most are but if you seek. u shall find . lol


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                yeah i saw and reported that one
                dodgy bastards

                really hope no one actually fell for it
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