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Opinion from owners of: NSR250's or FZR250's or CBR250's

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  • Opinion from owners of: NSR250's or FZR250's or CBR250's

    Hey guys I have basically short listed my chi=oices to one of the following NSR250's or FZR250's or CBR250's. "My logic is unfallible" (jj's)

    NSR250- balls out fast 2stroker (only coz mate has RGV and i must be different)

    FZR250- cheap at less than 3k, 4T reliability

    CBR250- 4T reliability, but just like every other 'CaUliflower NuT', and exxy at 5-7k

    so some pro's and cons, and advice on how much "not to pay" for each model, and "what to look for/ out for"

    much appreciated, thanks in advance
    "Redlines are merely suggestions"
    "Stroked is fun, but I'ld rather get blown"

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    I bought an FZR250 for my first bike. I think its a good bike, it is fun to ride and i havent had any big problems. They are ALL grey imports so watch out for ppl advertising compliance dates as opposed to actual manufacture dates.

    Mine is a 1990 "3LN" model, it has the EXUP exhaust and the deltabox frame, the model before had a steel frame with EXUP and the model before that was steel without EXUP.

    I paid $2,000 for mine, i thought that was pretty cheep, but managed to get it low as it was unlicenced at the time. all i bought before going over the pits was a new battery and a flasher relay for the indicators. So i figured that if i have any problems and need to spend a bit of money to fix it, then the total cost will still be a good deal.

    Since i have had it the only problems i have had with it are user error. I didnt realise the kill swithch had been flicked, so tried push starting it, flooded one of the cylinders with fuel and caused the piston to hydro-lock. other than that, no probs at all.

    I ended up taking a gamble with mine as i have very little bike experience. But i took it for a ride. it ran well, didnt make any weird noises that i could notice and felt nice so i bought it. I just liked it and wanted it so i took the risk. Maybe try and take someone who knows about bikes to look it over.

    hope that helps. I have no experience with the other bikes so cant say much about them.


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      nah, thanks that was constructive and to the point exactly what im after...
      coo-ee any CBR/NSR owners
      "Redlines are merely suggestions"
      "Stroked is fun, but I'ld rather get blown"


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        i had a cbr250rr but recently sold it. people say dont spend alot on your first bike. its only a 250. but imo these hold their value reasonably well. look after it if and when you sell it you wont lose alot of money.

        very fun to ride, enough zip to keep you interested for a while but you need to ride high up in the revs to get anywhere.

        never really had a problem with mine. cept for a flat battery but no falut of the bikes. and a plus for this model is that you can get aus spec ones which arent grey imports with a dodgy history.

        a minus though is if you're a big bloke...this is really not the bike for you. and after a long period of time your ass starts to hurt in the saddle.

        i definately enjoyed my time on it...but just wait for the two stroke fans to pipe up and tell you how much better the nsr or the fzr is

        hope that helps. goodluck with your search


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          If you're an experienced rider who wants a 250 for shits 'n' giggles, I would go the FZR just because I know how quick speed3's is. Or maybe he has a TZR. Anyway, if your looking at buying your first bike I wouldn't get a two stroke but then I also wouldn't count out any of the other 250s, CBR250s are faster than a GPX but only just.


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            Speed3's is a TZR i thinks from memory...

            yeah TZr is 2T so basically that is replaced on my list by the NSR


            thats what it boils down to. not a big bloke weigh about 86kgs and 5'10 so yeah shouldnt be a worry
            "Redlines are merely suggestions"
            "Stroked is fun, but I'ld rather get blown"


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              Yeah, speed3 has a tzr.

              My 2c, but if you're upgrading to a supersport 600 down the track, the rev happy nature of a CBR/FZR will be right on the money for what to expect on the big bike.

              Obviously far less power on the 250, but the idea of revving its balls off will be similar
              “Crashing is shit for you, shit for the bike, shit for the mechanics and shit for the set-up,” Checa told me a while back. “It’s a signal that you are heading in the wrong direction. You want to win but crashing is the opposite. It’s like being in France when you want to go to England and when you crash you go to Spain. That way you’ll never get to England!” -- Carlos Checa


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                i was actaully thinking of doing somethink along the lines of an NSR come RG500 custom build ala the one that was for sale, but sold long ago

                because i "need" another project in a years time. lol
                "Redlines are merely suggestions"
                "Stroked is fun, but I'ld rather get blown"


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                  fzr is not a two stroker

                  i have one in the garage that i have not taken out for a long time now, i am lazy. great bikes, i definitely enjoyed my time on it. like shaun said a heap of people will advertise them incorrectly and provide the compliance date as the manufacture date so you have to watch out.

                  good luck hunting..


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                    Originally posted by Supercharged1600 View Post
                    Hey guys I have basically short listed my chi=oices to one of the following NSR250's or FZR250's or CBR250's. "My logic is unfallible" (jj's)

                    NSR250- balls out fast 2stroker (only coz mate has RGV and i must be different)

                    at 5-7k

                    so some pro's and cons,
                    RGV,PRO,your mate has one! Parts are easy enough to get because of a large fan base.Heeps of info on the net on anything about em.

                    Oh sorry you wanted an honda or yamaha owner to reply...


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                      NSR 250, end of story! will/is already a collectors item.
                      In town; take the bus/train.
                      In country; leave all behind!
                      Best is to buy the NSR250 and one of the other "diesels" for if you have to ride in town.


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                        Have ridden my cbr250 an nsr250 and fzr250.

                        Cbr and fzr not much between them the cbr more comfy with more support tips the odds. Beautiful to commute on i ride 600kms a week no worries.

                        Nsr250 typical 2 smoke allot of fun, ride very similar to the tzr, they have surprising pull (for a 2stroke) from low down in the revs, awesome, certainly need to respect them, so light you need to 'commit' to corners more than the 4strokes they don't forgive an unclear mind.


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                          You haven't really stated what sort of riding you are going to be doing.
                          If it's daily riding, to/from work etc, forget about the smoker.


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                            Do what Jamithi said. All bases covered.
                            I love two strokes. Because they annoy the shit out of people. ^_^


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                              i own a cbr but i've ridden practically most 250's.

                              Best thing bout the cbr is prolly reliability, flickability and she's one of the better looking 250's on the market. She's got a bit of go for a 250 especially once u get her about 8-10k in the rev range.

                              But yer like vbroom said, i'm just under 6ft, bout 80 kg's and after a long day in the saddle the wrists start to ache abit but this sometimes is due to the riding position of any sporty riding style i spose

                              main things i weigh'd up when buying were price, reliability and looks.
                              CBR, altho one of the pricier 250's, fullfilled all those for me perfectly.

                              once again depends on how long u intend on keeping her for, i only had about a year in mind.

                              CBR ftw!

                              Oh n just incase you are leaning towards the CBR :

                              Happy Hunting!