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    Lookin at buying a new leather aplinestars mx-1 jacket and my size isn't available in the red/white colour but is in black. I like both colours but thought the red/white would be cooler in summer than the black and more visible. Has anyone got any thoughts on the temp difference in the summer sun between colours? or are they all [email protected]#$ing hot.

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    black absorbs more heat but they both will be hot:cement:

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      Originally posted by potatoe_jones View Post
      black absorbs more heat but they both will be hot:cement:
      Thats what i thought, just wanna know if anyone has had any direct experience with a light leather and a black leather..


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        Go white if you can get it.
        Dark colours in summer....


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          get white and give to jim... it'll match his bike better
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            Black will go with any bike.

            Red will look crappy on a blue/green/yellow bike.

            I got a red jacket because i'll probably be keeping my red bike for a few years, but yeah... something to keep in mind
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              Meh, in the grand scheme of things you won't notice the difference - you'll either be comfortable or hot ten minutes later or earlier in the ride. Lots of water, sunscreen, go fast and go for windchill
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                Black is always hotter and at times, harder to keep clean. Black is also harder to see at night if you do alot of night riding. What colour bike do you have? The red one will be more visible. However, after much sun exposure over time, the red may fade alot more then the black. If you take care of your jackets and service them every so often with some kind of leather protection etc... you should have them for many years to come.
                I'll be getting a red bike soon, but decided to get a silver jacket as i thought it would be a more universal colour on any bike. Won't be as hot as black and as one sided colour as red. But at the end of the day, its what you decide looks right for you and feels right. Hope the advice helps. Most leather jackets are hot in the aussie summer, hence i have a textile and a leather to pick and choose on the day.