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  • Muzzy!

    Hello everyone, I just installed a Ti Muzzy pipe on my 12, and I am a bit surprised at just how much of a difference it made, I can definitely feel a power increase, but more than that the bike feels like it has less vibration, particularly through the foot pegs. At 120 the bike used to have a terrible vibration which seems to have almost completely gone after having put the pipe on, out of interest does anyone know why, or am I just a nutter?
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    Maybe there was something loose on the old exhaust, maybe something just happened to vibrate at that speed/rpm. It's strange how it works, just be thankful it's better.
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      maybe the old exhaust was vibrating the frame and the new one flowing free'er causes slightly lower idle at that speed ?


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        slotting a full Staintune system onto my DRZ got rid of most of the annoying vibrations aswell. I am just happy it's a more comfortable ride now


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          I got rid of all the nasty symptoms you get with a nasty system when i 'pulled' off the Muzzy and threw it into the bin marked "to use for fabrication".