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ZXR 250 Carby troubles!!!

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  • ZXR 250 Carby troubles!!!


    can anybody advise me on a problem wit carbies?
    I have fuel filling the vacume hose that runs from the top of the air box to the pipe between the secound and fourth carbs??
    The bike starts and runs for a whole once you drain fuel out but fills up again and stalls the bike out and floods the cylinders with fuel.

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    sounds like an issue with your fuel tap, or possibly your floats. With the tank off, does fuel come out with it turned to off?
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      Yes it does, it has since we have had the bike without any troubles.
      I wiuld have thought that this would show up by flooding the bike when the motor was not running.
      I am going to try this and check for splits in the vacume diaphrams in the carbs as well.
      we had the bike apart for a week so maybe they have dried out and gone hard.
      The bike was running fine prior to this except had a badly worn timing chain that we have replaced during this time. Yes we did line everything back up in the corect places.
      You wouldn't know where i can get a manual for one of these, preferably a free one?


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        what year is the bike ?
        I have a copy for the 250 ( C6 model ) on my pc in PDF format or try these .
        These are for the ZXR400 but would be pretty much same as the 250
        if you have issues e-mail me and i'll send it to you
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          You have a fuel height issue prolly caused by a worn needle and seat.Pretty common and easy to fix.