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Weird clutch problems

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  • Weird clutch problems

    OK Ladies and Gents, can one of you cleaver people work out what’s happening with my clutch, cause its got me buggered.

    Yesterday arvo, I was stoped at a set of lights, clutch in, no brake on, up a slight incline. Suddenly the bike starts to creep forward into on coming traffic.

    I try to change gear, it wont shift (I’m guessing because the clutch is now failing to engage). I hit the kill switch, select neutral and push the bloody thing out of the way.

    When on the curb, the clutch has lost all resistance. There is no sign of fluid loss and the reservoir is to the high level. Bike is fitted standard with braded lines. Start the bike, still no clutch.

    I swear at it, kick it and generally loose my shit. Ring up for a tow. Told there will be at least an hour wait. Wait 20 minutes, clutch feels like normal, start it up, no problems. Cain the bike on the way home, to work the clutch and every thing is normal. WTF is going on?

    The bike is a BMW K1200s, two years old, and neither the clutch or fluid has ever been replaced, or touched in any way. Due to problems at home, all I have been using it for is commuting through peak hour traffic for a number of months. i.e. it seldom gets above 4,000rpm. 27,000 k’s on the clock, running mineral grade oil. BMW have stressed not using anything synthetic until at least 60,000.

    Normally I work the bike hard in the weekends, but fee time has been a thing of the past recently.

    This has never happened before, in fact the bike has been super reliable.

    Has anyone got an Idea of what is happening.

    There has been no visible fluid loss or external leaks. Clutch now feels exactly like it did before.

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    I would say theres either a fluid lock, or you're leaking fluid somewhere. Can you actually see the banjo bolt on the gearbox end? Are you sure theres no fluid leakage?

    Try bleeding your clutch system mate. It's not hard, all you need is a 12 dollar bottle of fluid, a jar, a piece of tube and a spanner to fit over the bleed nipple. Will either confirm or deny any thoughts of serious malfunction.


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      Change the fluid.


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        still under warranty? if it is get the dealer to do it for you at no charge, and try scam a loan bike too
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          regardless of the 'warranty' issue, most decent dealers (especially ones like BMW) should give you some assistance given you've splashed out way too much for a badge on a bike.


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              Can't hurt to bleed the clutch, as others have said.
              Might be a heat issue causing the slave cylinder to do something weird, or something within the mechanism.

              It will make itself clear with summer coming if there's anything to do with heat.


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                The fluid is two years old, and is due for replacement anyway. It goes in for a service next week, I'll get them to change the fluid.

                Banjo Bolt is visible, and no leaks can bee seen. I know that the brake banjo bold was replaced under a global recall.

                I will talk to Brian at auto classic, and see if he has any ideas.