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RVF400 - owned/experience with them

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  • RVF400 - owned/experience with them

    hey who owns one/or 7. or is a previous owner etc and can tell me a bit more about them.

    I know they are accliamed for their handling, good torque and power for their size, but something other than what i could read on any old web page?

    any idiocyncracies about them?
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    Some more info from owners can be found in the below link.

    Preloved | uk honda rvf400 (nc35) - motorbikes reviews

    The bike still looks awesome even in today's modern age. I want one haha.

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      I've only had the VFR400 (reading comments from people who've owned both, they're a lot more alike than wikipedia would have you believe) for a short while, and only been out on it a few times. And I haven't ridden any other >250 for any length of time, so I can't give you a proper juxtaposition against a modern 600.

      Power is actually pretty weak for its size. About half the power of a modern 600. It's heavier than the inline 4 400s of its age, and they all suffered from the heavy handed Japanese power restrictions. It's pretty hard to extract much more power out of the 400s, and the V4s most of all.

      It's heavy and floppy at low speed. It keeps wanting to drop into corners, and the steering/countersteering crossover is vague yet harsh. I think you can come to terms with it with familiarity, but it's immediately unsettling.

      Get it moving though, and it's really nice to push into corners. It feels nimble, it's responsive, and it holds a line well, despite the shagged 20yo suspension. I'd love to ride one with redone suspension to feel how much sharper it'd be. Definitely one of the first things I'll get sorted if I decide to keep it (after riding some 600s).

      Stock gearing is tall. Too tall for the power of the bike. First winds out to 100. It's fairly sleepy till 7000 revs, and then it picks up quite well. The RVF is tuned differently due to the new HP limits, so it pulls a little harder earlier, but cuts off sooner (more midrange, lower peak).

      The seating position is quite leant forward. Moreso than any 250, and moreso than most of the 600s I sat on at the show. The RVF relaxes it a tiny bit, apparently, but you're still going to be curled up on a small bike. I've had no comfort issues after 2hr rides though.

      The sound is to die for. Gear driven cam whine down low, then the engine/exhaust takes over once it's awake. You will love it. The sound alone can convince you the bike's a keeper :p.

      Head over to 40greybike for the lowdown from owners/riders. It's the most active VFR/RVF forum you'll find.
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        My brother bought a brand new onein the UK. Awesome bike!!! By far the best 400 ever made! He only made two mods to his - Bought a little black box ignition derestricter (restricted for UK import) and bought a good quality end can. Turned it from sounding like a sewing machine into a raspy fire breathing monster. He had the bike for four years and never had a single issue with it.

        Buy it!!!