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  • Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Off to court we go

    Okay so here's the situation:

    A motorcyclist owns an RS-250, which dies (didn't die really, was just costing far too much time and money for maintainance) 3 months before he is eligible for an R class license. From a financial perspective, he upgrades to a ZX-6R as he cannot afford to upgrade 3 months later (this is the justification behind... wait for it...) and rides out of class OMGWTFBBQ!

    Please do not leave your opinions on riding out of class, could not care less in this thread, been done to death.

    Anyway, gets done for speeding on the causeway, 88kmph in a 60kmph zone, empty road etc.

    Charged with:
    - Riding out of class
    - Being a P plater [Is listed on charges funnily enough]
    -Speeding 88kmph in 60kmph zone.

    He's due to appear in court and would like to know what he's looking at with a guilty plea, suggestions and feedback appreciated, particularly concering:

    - Should he appear in court, write in a guilty plea with letter, or just not go whatsoever.
    - Likely punishments

    Oh also, forgot to mention, the rider has his R license now, would this be taken into account by the court?

    Cheers fellahs
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      make sure you attend. Explain the financial aspect as per it is your only means of transport and it is a new bike and not familiar with its speed. if you dont attend you will have no chance and they will through the book at you. If you plead guilty the fine will probably be less.
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        Can everyone do me a favour PLEASE? As he said... Do NOT post your opinions on this in here. He knows how everyone feels about it - I'm sure he knows he's done something dumb. If you can't be of help - Let it go.

        On that note... Check your PMs!
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          hahaha @ the pineapple. Yeah expecting a pineapple but would rather a small one


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            Many years ago i got caught for doing 130 in a 70 zone- on South street in front of the Uni. Anyway i was driving a Torana at the time and was on my P plates but never had them displayed. An unmarked and extreemly pissed off coppa pulls me over, threatens to lock me up and all that, tells me I WILL recieve a summons in the mail, 3 months later I did. Went to court with letters from work plus personal references from a place I used to voulunteer at.
            Now because i was only 17 at the time the duty lawyer said I sould plead to go before the panel. Now I didn't know what the hell she was talking about. Anyway I did and got let off, scott free. Didn't even get a fine or pay court costs, never lost my licence or any points...

            Dont know whether this system is still in place, but if you where 17 at the time, you could always ask...

            Oh by the way, I still dont really know what the panel was...
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              if you take into consideration the fines your now going to get i wonder if it would have been cheaper to wait b4 buying zx-6r and fix the rs-250. i would plead guilty, say your bike broke down had to borrow the bigger bike and was not used to the larger bikes acceleration. Tell the court/judge you've learnt your lesson and would be happy to pay any fines in hours spent in comunity service rather than dollars and cents. the fact that your prepared to help the comunity might swing in your favour and they'll drop the fine or myabe you spend a few weekends picking up rubbish instead of working overtime to pay the fines off. wich i dont think are that high by the way, my mate got done the other day, he was on his harley only has 250 license was puller over random breath check was fined $250.00 out of class and let go.
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                Harleys don't have any class.:p
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                  Opinions aside, take a leaf out of Jim's book and said motorcyclist got caught in the knowledge that what he / she was doing was illegal so said motorcyclist should cop it on the chin, accept that he / she is a menace to society and move on in life :p

                  If court attendance is optional then it's a case of don't go and be assumed guilty of being a naughty boy / girl, or turn up and admit being a naughty boy / girl. End result is the same.


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                    lol i agree he had a ducatti 955 and sold it to buy this shiny loud thing, i dont like, back to subject how long did it take between the offense and court summins??
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                      hmmm, methinks if you're out of class, they prolly arent going to listen to any excuses, just shaft you
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                        I can tell you a few months ago it was 100 and 1 point for riding out of class..

                        it's $50 for not displaying you p plate per plate but lucky for you bikes are only required to display one by law..

                        As for speed.
                        well just cop it sweet.

                        say your sorry you didn't think it would hurt anyone you were the only person on the road that sort of thing..

                        by saying your not used to the speed of the new bike your saying your not ready to be riding..

                        Besides no one is that stupid to belive that.. after all you can read yes..

                        the speedo saying 60 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 80 / 88.. you could have slowed down anytime there..

                        i think 28 k's over is a couple 100's and a few points..

                        lifes like that some times..

                        good luck

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                          You still got the RS 250?


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                            I think that if you tell them the truth on your situation, and your justification on why you did it you *might* get a lesser fine but I doubt it. Nothing gets you out of trouble quicker than admitting guilt and responsibility, accepting what you did was wrong and telling the truth. Good luck

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                              Cheers people.

                              I think i should rephrase so it's clarified a bit more.

                              Fully expecting to be fined for 28kmph over the limit, but i'm more interested if due to being a P plater, and being out of class, AND speeding, whether the punishment might be more severe ie loss of license instead of "just" the combined $100 for P plate, $lots for speeding, and $100 for out of class.

                              Essentially i don't really see why court is neccessary if they're just gonna lump me with what the cop could have done.