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    Tonight, I was outside Black Betty’s in Northbridge with my girlfriend MRS TRIPLE. We were trying to flag down a taxi in order to get home. We were about to cross the road but stopped when we noticed a car coming up the street without its headlights on. As the car neared we noticed it was actually a WA Police Holden Rodeo Paddy Wagon. A guy a couple of metres away from us put his arm out to flag down the car. The Police vehicle pulled over for him and I heard him say ‘Hi your headlights aren’t on’ the officers got out of the car to talk to him about this and as I was still trying to flag down a taxi to get home I didn’t pay too much attention to their conversation. Then I heard officers yelling at him. Two more officers who were walking down the street towards us came to where the Car was. I looked at what was happening when I heard the Officers yelling and I saw them slam the guy into their Car. Myself and MRS TRIPLE yelled out that was really warranted from what we could hear from their argument, and obviously telling an officer to turn his headlights on I don’t see how it could result in being slammed into a car. Next thing I saw was the officers pushing him to the ground and tasering him! The whole time he wasn’t violent mannered at all towards these officers when mentioning their headlights were not turned on. There were other people outside Black Bettys nightclub who yelled out that the officers actions towards the guy who asked them to turn their headlights on was not very nice. Myself and MRS TRIPLE also yelled out that the treatment the guy was receiving wasn’t fair. He was then put into the back of the paddy wagon.
    There was one person who was filming the incident on his mobile phone video recorder. An officer grabbed his phone from him and threw it onto the ground. Why would an officer of the law damage someone’s property if the officers hadn’t done anything wrong?
    We all again yelled that it was uncalled for. Three officers approached us and told us we should move along and mind our own business. I stated that we were there before they drove past as we were only trying to flag down a taxi in order to go home. MRS TRIPLE told the officers that their actions towards the good samaritan asking them to turn their lights wasn’t fair, which I agreed with. The officers then threatened me with a move on notice if I didn’t ‘SHUT UP’ and one of the officers for no reason at all was trying to forcefully grab MRS TRIPLE’s arms as she told them they used excessive force against the guy in the back of the Paddy wagon, as she commented it wasn’t right that he was only trying to tell them their lights were off and for his efforts he was tasered. Well. As the officer tried to forcefully grab my girlfriend MRS TRIPLE, I told him not to as she hasn’t done anything and didn’t deserve to have an officer of the law grab her in that manner. I asked him to leave her alone, and again stated we were standing there trying to flag down a taxi to get home.
    Because I apparently argued with the officer over manhandling my girlfriend, another officer held his Taser to my chest and threatened to use it against me while the first officer asked me for my ID card so he could write me a ‘Move on Order’. I had already explained that I was already trying to flag down a taxi in order to get home from Northbridge and I mentioned to the officer that there wasn’t much point in writing me a notice to leave Northbridge because of this fact. In the meantime another Rodeo Paddy Wagon arrived at our location. I also explained that I actually work for WAPOL as a contractor for their IT department and that I wouldn’t risk my job for whatever they were accusing me of doing. I even noticed some of their names and mentioned that I recognised them and had previously helped them out before with their computer issues. I was asked if that makes me feel like I was important, and I again said “No, I was just stating that I have helped you out in the past, why would I deserve to be treated like this and why would I risk my job over an argument with you”
    When the ‘Move on Order’ was complete, it was handed to me along with my ID card. An officer flagged down a taxi for me and MRS TRIPLE. As I was walking over to the taxi I said loudly something along the lines of “How is a fucking officer who is supposed to protect and serve us supposed to fucking earn respect after publicly treating someone like that and then writing a move on notice when someone else comments about it?”
    I got into the taxi with MRS TRIPLE and shut the door. Next thing that happened was officers were running across the road to where the taxi was parked. An officer opened the door next to me and grabbed me and dragged me out of the car. I was threatened with arrest and told I would be going to Perth City Watch house lockup for disorderly conduct. I was dragged to where the footpath was and my arms were forcefully twisted behind my back by two officers. Which actually really hurt. I said I have not physically done anything to them or haven’t struggled and could they please loosen their hold on me as it was hurting my arms. I was given the reply that “they are allowed to use any force they deem is necessary” Again I said that I haven’t done anything to warrant that force and they were hurting me. They then reduced the amount of force they were holding me with. I was held by the officers for maybe ten minutes or so while another female officer spoke to MRS TRIPLE – words which I didn’t hear but I could tell what ever was spoken actually upset MRS TRIPLE greatly. I was told that I would be summoned to court as they had all my details. I asked what for, an officer replied “For being a public nuisance” I again mentioned that I work for WAPOL and why would I risk my job for what the ‘public nuisance’ they were accusing me of. I was then released after some time and again told “see you in court.” I flagged down the next taxi that went past so I could leave with MRS TRIPLE and go home.

    Normally, for a general road user, if your headlights are turned off you would be given a fine or a yellow sticker for your car. I have seen it happen when mates have accidentally forgotten to turn their lights on at night and have been observed by the Police for driving with no lights.

    So before I make a complaint to the Senior Sergeant OIC of Perth Police station, does my dunken rambling make any sence?

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    arseholes. and you're right, you earn respect, not demand it. Welcome to South Africa
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      That's crap Triple. Those with more law experience than me, will be along soon.

      If that was my missus that was being 'man-handled'..I would have gone ape shit. Fuck the consequences.
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      I'm probably fucking something up.
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        Take it further, that's a brilliant example of those fuckheads abusing their power. Police brutality is one of my pet peeves. *I didn't read the whole lot because I am lazy* BUT did you manage to get the names and numbers of the witnesses??

        EDIT - Ok just read the rest of it, that makes me skin crawl and my blood boil, you're obviously a very patient man, swear to god if anyone manhandled me, I'd lose my head! Definitely take it further if you can.
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          thats fucked....but hardly surprising. ive seen a lot of that sorta crap when used to work in the city


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            Go get em I say. Don't think you will get anything out of it though unfortunately.
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              take it to the police ombudsman.... that's just f-ed..


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                Get down and make a complaint, also make a statement on behalf of the dude with the lights...
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                  if you were drunk at the time, it might shoot your credibility a bit, but in that case well done for writing it down...

                  that's seriously fucked.
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                    Originally posted by tmz_99 View Post
                    take it to the police ombudsman.... that's just f-ed..
                    that is entirely stuffed. no you should not have used the f word but nonetheless. I would write very detailed and objectively to
                    a good lawyer
                    Police ombudsman
                    police commissioner
                    police minister
                    your local state member
                    your local federal member and opposition (we are in an election mode, hopefully you live in a marginal seat)
                    ABC radio
                    to start

                    good luck
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                      Originally posted by Billywhizz View Post
                      Get down and make a complaint, also make a statement on behalf of the dude with the lights...

                      And the person with the smashed phone. See if there was anyone at black betty's that could supply evidence. Stick it to the fuckers, I've seen lots of this shit before and it just keeps on happening.

                      agree with quattro tell everybody about it.


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                        Stick it to em.
                        Official complaints make coppers lives hell, trust me.


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                          make an official complaint and try to find witnesses. maybe the bouncers saw/heard what happened?! the taxi driver?! i hate cops with a passion and this is the main reason why. cops in WA are the worst i have dealt with and i have lived and travelled to a lots of places. good luck and dont back down!


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                            I can't believe that happened, so much for our police protecting us! This sort of shit needs to be in the paper and those officers dealt with.

                            Instead of being grateful they are around should I be worried next time I see Police that my innocent actions might cause the same result?
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                              complain...lots, then really do a half arsed job fixing those particular coppers computers.
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