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    Hi All

    My Honda VTR 250 doesnt switch off if I'm in gear, with my bike stand down.

    I was at the ladies track day when, thank gosh, one of the lovely guys that were helping out, pointed this out to me just as I was about to ride away.

    He said there is a switch or a connection that the previous owner must of switched off.

    How can I put this switch back on? (I definately need it as I'd forget my name if it wasn't sewn onto my undies)

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    what sort of bike is it?

    My Drz runs off a button that the stand presses when it is up, check if there are a few wires near the stand. The previous owner has probably soldered them together to create a constant connection so there is never a break in the circuit that would occur when the stand is down


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      Umm make model and year of bike would help if its old enough it won't have a cutout switch. Some also have a cutout switch on the clutch so it will let you put it in gear with the stand down but as you let the clutch out it will cutout might be worth trying this before looking for something thats not there. Usually the side stand switch gives grief as it gets full of road grime etc etc and sticks. Clean it out with contact cleaner it should be mounted on the frame near where the sidestand is attached.

      It will be a small bit of plastic usally with a metal arm on it and a couple of wires hanging out the back. Depending on the manufacturer and how they decided to wire the bike that week the wires will have simply been disconnected or joined together in order to bypass it the idea been to reconnect to the wiring as its a switch is won't really matter which way you hook it up but try and do it to maufacturers orginal specs.
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          Look on the sidestand where it hinges, see if there is a switch looking thing there. If there is, see if the wires have been cut.

          Chances are the sidestand switch is just pharked or could need an adjustment.


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            any time you need help remembering yuor name let me know...

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