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Lessons SOR...who does them?

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  • Lessons SOR...who does them?

    Hey guys did a search but didn't find anything conclusive

    basically got my R class test end of this month at Midland.
    Just want a couple refresher lessons and obviously an instructor willing to take me to my test in Midland as i haven't bought a big bike yet (hopefully round chrissy)

    So yer looking for an instructor SOR (como area), and will also require the use of their bike to do my lessons + test on.

    Used to live north of the river and went through Frank at Streetwise (Legend) and i'de normally use him but apparently he's goin away on holiday soon and is shuttin up shop for a while nice timing Frank lol

    Cheers guys/gals

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    There's quite a few around the Vic Park area and they're all in the yellow pages online.


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      Try andrews dirving school in spearwood. Lester is a good instructor passed my RE and R first time and my R only took 2 weeks to get a test booked.

      quite a few of PSB'ers have used them i believe