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  • Time for a Service

    Hi guys... I'm back in Perth on Friday for a week and I figure its about time the XX got some TLC. I've been trawling the 'Service' threads for advice on who to take it to, and it will probably come down to who can fit it in at short notice. Causeway or MDH will probably get the job. I've never used MDH but I bought the bike in 98 from Causeway and had the first service done there. Mike at (ex) One on One has done the service work since then... which will tell you something about how much it has been used lately :oops:

    Here's the question. The bike is in new condition but due to my place of work (Bangkok) it has only managed to cover around 17,000 km since 1998. It hasn't been serviced for about 3 years now :shock: Apart from the usual oil change and tune, what other work should I have done. I'm thinking new fork oil and brake fluid. Anything else?

    #151, contact me if you want some business next week
    M o r g z

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    Seeing as your bike has only done 17,000km and your next service schedule is not due until 18,000km (but has been sitting for 3 years) I suggest the following.

    Engine oil change.
    Brake Fluid change/Bleed brakes and pad wear check.
    Clutch Fluid change (if it has clutch fluid)
    Suspension Fluid change
    Lube and Adjust chain
    Safety Inspection

    Valve check not required until 24,000km. Gotta love Honda's!

    I'm pretty sure we are fully booked this week but would be available early next week to service your bike. Call us tommorrow if you want to book it in.

    Otherwise try Tyres for Bikes 9362 6262. Dave there is a qualified Honda Technician.


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      Just sent a booking via the website..... Hopefully you can fit her in next Monday. Cheers.
      M o r g z


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        Valve check not required until 24,000km. Gotta love Honda's!

        Sercvice Items
        Every 28,000 Miles 42000Kms
        Check and adjust the valve clearance's
        go yamaha

        but saying that dunt mean you should do it. Mine were checked and all exhaust clearances were within a bee\'s dick of closing up, 12,000km after it was done previously........42000 kms my ass.



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          TRX with half an engine you only need to do half the maintenance!


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            Just sent a booking via the website..... Hopefully you can fit her in next Monday. Cheers.
            ...which would be fine if someone answered it :evil:

            I guess I'm gonna have to use a telephone :roll: What's MDH's number again?
            M o r g z


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              Morgz did you forget the PM I sent you to which you replyed to?

              No email was received through the Causeway Honda website which is strange as all the [email protected] emails come directly to me.

              If you sent the email after Tuesday then that explains it as I've been off work since then with my shoulder and back injury.

              From memory the book looked full until Friday week which means if you need it doen any sooner give Tyres for Bikes a call or try MDH.




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                Sorry Chook, a bit of a misunderstanding. I had already used the web form before you sent me the PM with your email addy in it. Looks like the web form didn't work.

                I am only in town for a week and was hoping to get the bike done Monday.... no probs, I'll try Tyres for Bikes or MDH, both are close enough to home. Next time I'll plan ahead :oops:
                M o r g z


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                  No probs Morgz, if you call Tyres for Bikes tell them Chook sent ya and they will look after you.

                  Great bunch of guys.