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Chat on Radio today Mon 5.11.07

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  • Chat on Radio today Mon 5.11.07

    At about midday I am having my *first* (gulp) live to air radio chat about Motorcycle safety issues on behalf of the MRA.

    I have been doing the media gig for a while now and at the end of the day it's up to the media outlets to choose to cover your issue or story or not.

    I have been plodding away contacting people far and wide, and am delighted to be having this chat to 6 DBY (Derby FM) 97.9 on the dial.

    I am nervous and will be feeling much better once it's over, but also very glad to be able to get ANY air time.
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    Good luck Rebeca you will be great, Sure you would get a wider audience if it was television!
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      I know this sounds like a terrible cliche, but just be yourself, and you'll do great

      Break a leg mate
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        You go girl, radio should be a lot easier than TV, just relax

        Don't let them waylay you onto hoons


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          try not to say umm
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            The other thing hopefully you won't need it but make sure you have an out plan in case of ambush.
            Harvey community radio has a motorcycling show listen over the web here ,Facebook here yes I am the goose that hosts it.


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              Get Rob to record it... You'll be fine. What issues peeps type up on here is one thing but to go at it on the Radio is another...
              Onya Bec!
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                Good luck!


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                  Hey good on yo bec, you can be the voice for PSB and other motorbike groups.
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                    You'll be great Bec!

                    Have in mind your top 3 issues you want to get across so if they try to distract you (eg highlighting the silly actions of one or two as representing the actions of all of us), then you can just say something like '...yes thats one thing, but the bigger problem we have...'

                    Don't feel the need to defend the actions of motorcyclists, instead concentrate on the actions that Gov't or car drivers should be doing but are not due to poor education, lack of dedicated resources etc.

                    Anyway - you know all this stuff. Thats why are great in this role.



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                      Onya Bec, I'll be listening.
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                        Any online feeds?

                        My poor little MP3 player doesn't get any reception here in the basement that is the IT Support office


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                          OMG Bec :o

                          That's awesome but yes very daunting! (about going on radio I mean)

                          Good stuff for getting the message out there.


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                            Well I think it was ok. 10 minutes goes really quick!! I couldnt get any coverage of it. Their web site was down so no streaming, I was going to ask the DJ to record it and send to me, but I only got 3 mins lead in time and whack on hold, whack on air...

                            By the time he did his intro, lead in, and then closing I only really got in few good points. He seemed a bit blown away that at least 2/3rd of accidents causing injuries were drivers fault, the main point I tried to get across was that if drivers looked just 1 second longer, and actually LOOKED for bikes at intersections and when they were changing lanes etc, the accident rate would be greatly reduced.

                            As drink riding is a really issue in the Kimberly I also discussed the need for riders to obey the Blood Alc Limits, and briefly touched on thinking about how many metres per second you travel at and therefore the need to practise braking, be alert and have a mechanically A1 bike.

                            Hope it helps one person one day.

                            Oh, thanks for looking after the baby Dog dayz!!
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                              Hey, well done Rebecca, you did us all a favour today. I for one, am thankful that at least some people will be listening.