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thieving bastards strike again (i think)

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  • thieving bastards strike again (i think)

    further to rhino's rant about valve caps being thieved, i believe i had something pinched from my bike this morning. twas my yoshi "street baffle", which is basically just a bit of tube with a flange welded onto it which slips in the back-end of the pipe to make it a bit quieter. i only put the thing in last night, and i find it very hard to believe 2 grub screws would've vibrated out, and the baffle, which i've found tends to stick in place and is hard to pull out, just fell out. in the past, i've had 1 screw come loose, after a few weeks but both in 15 minutes? and i think i would've heard it come out if i was riding, as there is a significant difference in note with it in or out, noticed immediately when i started up after i'd left the bike sitting.
    so, if you know anyone who may've been at Aveling in bassendean this am who has an RS3 pipe which is suddenly quieter, smack em round the head and tell em not to pinch other people's stuff. it's not the loss of the thing that shits me, just the principle. fuckers
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    Oh Man what the??

    Can't people just work and buy there own shit.


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      FKN Lowlifes.
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        the world is full of assholes... and us decent ppl are the ones that pay for it. Then if we catch these theiving fucks and teach em a lesson we're the ones that get penalised by the *cough*judicial*cough* system
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          The fuckers will take anything dude.

          I'm still dark that my R&G rear axle sliders got stolen (a month or so back).

          And they were held on with fucking nylock nuts ffs (rod through axle, slider/nut on each end of it), some fucking lowlife would have had to go and get a toolkit, match a socket up at each end, and undo the fucking things...

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