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Custom made decals.......and cheap

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  • Custom made decals.......and cheap

    I am in the process of having my red blackbird resprayed so wanted to take the opportunity to give the graphics something a little special' I checked out one of the local sign makers that does scanning and dir cutting and was gonna prove extremely costly.
    So I searched around the net and came up with this site
    Honda Decals, Superbike, Sportsbike Decals, Motorbike Decals, Insignia and Stickers
    You can choose your own colours etc ive chosen to go Chrome gold with chrome silver in places. The 01 bird has the gold inserts on the front discs so gold against red looks pretty nice so thats what im doing. Hope it doesnt look tacky.....
    These decals come from malta and a full set for my bird was $70 landed compared to $200 for an incomplete set from honda. Their communication with me was really good as well.
    For enquiries email Jack @ [email protected]
    dont get fooled by another site out there that is spelling. This other one has baaaadd reports.
    Ill post some pics once my bird is completed.

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    Are they UV stabilised?
    Harvey community radio has a motorcycling show listen over the web here ,Facebook here yes I am the goose that hosts it.


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      yes mate.....well according to them they are and also can be sprayed over...clearcoat wise....All the info is at that site and send jack an email with any questions ya got. Im just real happy to get what I wanted but time will tell.