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    For those of us who have never modified a bike and dont have the biggest wealth of knowledge on mechanics..

    What sort of mods would somebody normally do on a bike and for what reasons..

    I guess starting from the cheaper options to the turbo hyabusa spec mods

    Im hopefully getting a zx6r this weekend and will be my sort of bike that will be on weekends getting shadowed but i;d love to work on it whilst in the garage.. so just kinda looking for some guidance

    Thanks guys

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    Originally posted by chidding View Post
    I guess starting from the cheaper options to the turbo hyabusa spec mods
    A good place to start is to ditch those crappy black plastic valve caps and get some nice coloured anodised ones.

    Just don't go to Barbagello raceway and leave your bike unattended.
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      One tooth down on the front sprocket worked well for me, heaps more acceleration, and a BMC air filter would be a good start, and pretty inexpensive.


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        Yah go 1 down on the front for a little more kick, consider a 520 chain/sprocket conversion... pipes and pcIII and tune, there's a lot of stuff you can do.


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          How long do you plan to keep the bike? first thing I always think of......

          Then next step.... What don't you like about the bike... lever colours, big ugly indicators, screen profile, peg position, sound of the exhaust, flat spot at xxxx rpm.....

          Once you work out what you don't like, see if you can find something that will fit that you do like.....

          then budget, purchase and fit.

          Almost as a given with any recent bike purchase, I've done the following.
          Bike protection (oggies/Case Covers)
          Suspension (Static Sag etc, or possibly upgrade springs)
          Exhuast & PCIII
          Driveline (520 Conversion)

          Work out what budget you have, what you want to address first, and then go for it.

          As a sideline, I don't think changing the air filter while using a stock system will do anything, as it is the exhaust system that is the bottleneck, not the filter.......
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            Depends ... what do you want to get out of it ?

            Performance increase ? or Appearance ?

            Once you decide that then you need to decide on how much you want to spend.

            For me ... on a stock bike Id go.

            Fender Eliminator
            Rear Seat Cowl

            Braided Brake Lines
            520 chain and sprocket conversion (1 tooth down is fine just budget for a speedo healer)
            Chain Adjusters

            Once Ive got through that lot Id start working on bigger items.
            Brake Calipers
            Power Commander

            and so on
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              heh, i haven't even picked up my new steed and am about to order:

              Puig screen
              Acumen DG8 (just missed group buy)
              PCIII (also missed G

              also, thinking about pazzo or CRG levers for extra bling bling.
              and trying to find a fender eliminator for a vfr800


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                Thanks for that guys,

                Now i got some research and some saving to do

                Guess there is more to mod than i figured.


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                  Appearance mods are generally cheaper and easier to do first up, which is why a lot of people dress their bikes up first before splashing out on more expensive things like exhausts, carbon fibre parts etc.


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                    Why do you want to mod the bike?

                    If its to go fast, get proper track lessons first up (notice you are still being shadowed), they'll make more difference than a couple of HP and some tyres that are just further beyond your abilities.

                    Bling? Only you can decide...
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                      My question was more based around what kind of mods are available.. not my riding skill

                      And as for deciding what bling.. i have no idea whats available hence the questions


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                        You can even get a custom seat made up.
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                          Originally posted by Taylor View Post
                          You can even get a custom seat made up.
                          Moulded in the shape of my asscheeks perhaps?


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                            Mods ... the list is actually endless .... its really what ever you can imagine.

                            Do you want to turn your bike into a SBK ... then you can ... want all go and no show ... then you can add nos and a turbo.

                            It really does come down to what you like.

                            Have a look at some pictures online ... grab a few magazines and see what takes your fancy then start from there.

                            If you need a hand let me know. I'm quite proficient at shopping for bling
                            Some say he eats sidchrome for breakfast

                            Some say he only showers on even days of the week

                            Some say he put an R1 motor in a coffee machine

                            All we know is he's Hewie.


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                              first up, I'd go screen, seat cowl, fender eliminator, pazzos etc
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