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  • Cortech Sport Tail Bag

    Heya, just wondering if anyone has come across this particular item? Brand is Cortech and its a Sports Tail Bag which sits on the pillion seat of just about any sports bike. There are options to add on 2 more bags which will give you a total of 3 if you are going away on a long trip. (see links / pictures below)

    Has anyone purchased, tried, seen, tested, reviewed this item or does anyone have similar items that look aero dynamic, yet fashionable for a sports bike. :mellow:

    There is the old options of panniers, back packs, and tank bags... but wanted something that would sit on the back of the bike, will keep the mirrors free and un-obstructed and not turn into a dangerous flying object should something unfortunate happen. :o

    Click on links and then pictures to get an idea of what it looks like:
    Colour choice - Black, Red, Blue.

    Cortech :: Luggage :: Sport Tail Bag

    Cortech :: Luggage

    Viewing Images For Cortech by Tour Master Sport Tail Bag :: New Enough Motorcycle Hard Parts

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    Oooh nice, where can I buy these?


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      Originally posted by wayney View Post
      Oooh nice, where can I buy these?
      I've seen a few on ebay. Just type in [cortech -jackets -helmets]
      ((take out the []))as the search within ebay. This will drop any searches that mention those words with the - in front. You need to look worldwide too.

      Or punch into google CORTECH SPORT TAIL BAG Australia

      The bags are around the $60 - $70 US mark, but its the postage that will kill you. I've been seeing postage of up to $60 or 70$ US again - even $100. So you need to shop around a bit. Try a few google sites. If you find a good site let me know. I am still looking myself, but wanted to get some idea of what people thought of them before taking the plunge. Cheers.


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        Hey ZC;

        did you end up finding a good place to get some? I'm interested in a set too; i'm making enquiries...

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          I have been using the Oxford sports hump back tail bag for a few weeks. Im quite happy with it. I do miss my tankbag as it was very convenient and easy to use, but its near impossilbe to use now because the spot on the tank where I used to sit the bag on my previous bike has that crappy plastic covering over it.

          The tailbag is pretty cool, very spacious. Keeps the tank free if you want to lean on it.

          The only annoying thing about tail bags is having to remove the pillion seat to get it on and off.

          IMO, nothing looks as good as a rear cowel, but sometimes there arent many options other than a backpack and backpacks suck.

          Dont know if that helps any, the brand you mention seems very similar.
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            I have the black rear seat bag, very nice and anchors down well, and the handle is an added bonus but word of advice use that sticky stabilsing stuff from clarke rubber to put between the seat and rear seat bag, it saves you your sanity just thinking what if ,as this makes it stay put real well, and doesnt mark the rear seat I have another 3 metres of the stuff in black if you guys can find it and need some cut off,



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              Okay, I bit the bullet and got myself a set of both the seat bag and the panniers; The seat bag works well, and actually holds far more than I was expecting; especially when expanded. As a consequence, I can't say how the panniers handle on a long trip, as I haven't needed to use them yet; the seat bag has been holding it all.

              They seem pretty well put together; they mount fine; the seat bag holds up at speeed... and they give me room to put crap!

              The only problem I have is with my piddly aftermarket undertail I can't mount the panners where they should sit (clipped to the seat bag) I have to sit them further forward so they don't obscure my indicators...

              All in all though, very happy with them...

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                cortech sport tail bag - cheap-ish postage (some bike pics too!)

                If anyone is looking for a cortech sport tail bag off the 'bay (US) but have been scared off by the exorbitant postage costs (US$50 - $60 at some sellers), i've just ordered one from eBay Store - Riders Direct: Casual Apparel Accessories, Street Riding Gloves, AFX Helmets - US$62.99 and US$18.98 postage to my door for a grand total of US$81.97 (about $115.00 Aussie squids). Bargain!

                Oh, and as it's my first post - here's a few pics

                Ignore the chicken strips too, only had the bike a month and still getting used to it
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                  nice first post :-)


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                    I ordered mine off ebay a couple of weeks ago and you will not be dissapointed it is awesome. the only tip i can give you is wrap some kind of soft layer around the bungee hooks to protect your paint.

                    I've used it fully loaded with around 5kg of stuff and it doesn't move at all even when going round corners hard.

                    And welcome to PSB
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                      Does anyone know of any Perth distributors of the Cortech luggage, would like to have a look at these in person?? Found Custom Steel Clothing has them but they are in Geelong.
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