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New Bike- ZX6r 99model

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  • New Bike- ZX6r 99model

    As some of you may know i just bought RickyJ's bike.
    Gosh it sounds so hot..!

    Anyways first things first... List of things to be done. just looking for reccomendations!

    Brakes.. Needs new pads and possibly new rotors.. or skimmed..
    Being my weekend bike i'd prefer decent pads.. even racing ones or high quality pads..
    Most likely gonna get braided lines aswell to reduce the line flex.

    Is there any packages i can buy from online shops or from a store in perth?

    Thats my first thing on the list for now so if anyone can assist me i'd be more than appreciative!

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    Sorry cannot be of any assistance. Just wanna say enjoy lol!
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      So many ideas lol i kinda stopped my post after one cause i know i'd get carried away haha

      But thankyou.. its a great ride!


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        Congrats on the pick up

        I have some brand new front braided Brake lines for an 05 ZX6, not sure if they'll fit?


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          well done!!! you'll have a blast on it, and what a bargain too!!!
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            Congrats on the new toy.

            I dont think you'll find a braking package of just lines and pads.

            As far as getting a set of decent pads ... I use carbon loraines ... they are an awesome pad .. but they do make a bit of dust when you use them hard and they dont really like very very cold mornings ... they take a few uses to warm up and start working properly.

            Lines - Goodridge, Brembo, Spiegler any of them would do ya.

            If you want a hand let me know Im happy to help.
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              Originally posted by Stoneville View Post
              Congrats on the pick up

              I have some brand new front braided Brake lines for an 05 ZX6, not sure if they'll fit?

              Would be keen to take them if they fit.

              Would have to get myself a set of rears aswell though.