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GPS - Tom Tom rider V Zumo 550

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  • GPS - Tom Tom rider V Zumo 550

    Okay I am looking at getting a GPS for the bike that I can also use in the gage. The two options I have found that are water proof and rugged for use on the bike are the Tomm Tom rider or the Garmin Zumo 550.

    Has anyone had experiance with these two units?

    Which one is better to use, features, value for money etc?

    What other options are out there and how do you mount a GPS that is not desinged for the bike?

    Who has the best deal in town?

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    I've mainly been looking into the Tom Tom. The Garmin is more expensive and has buttons that you probably shouldn't be playing around with when riding anyway. AFAIK they both have the same map version. Not sure which has the longer battery life, mind. Given keeping the damn thing charged is my main concern.

    I also favour the Navman because I know someone who'll give me a discount on it, and they don't stock Garmins. Not sure if I could get two at the price, though... But maybe ebay?


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      I've been researching these two on just bout every forum I can find. While, of course, you should take your specific needs into account - it seems that the Garmin comes out on top, particularly if you do some touring. For exaple, it can store 10,000 way-points per ride, which can then be uploaded to Google Earth so you can see, and share, where you went. You can also 'find' another rider in your group if you both have a phone connection, and you can also do something flash with photos (but I forget what that is at the moment). If you go to Adventure Rider Motorcycle Forum, they have a lot of first-hand information on each one there. One thing that seems pretty consistent is that Tom-Tom have lousy support and customer service, while Garmin don't. As the owner of a Tom-Tom OneXL, I've found their support to be pretty poor. I had to find my way to a wedding quite a way out of Perth recently, and the damn thing was 'out' by 40km. I missed the service, and when I complained to them they gave a less than helpful response...
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        Originally posted by Sventek View Post
        I had to find my way to a wedding quite a way out of Perth recently, and the damn thing was 'out' by 40km.

        I have a Navman for the car, furthest it's been out is like 30ms... And that's probably just because the intersections have been modified.


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          dont buy navman looks like the company is going broke


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            Zumo seems more popular and easier to "mate" things to. I've wired in a few of each for customers and the one "downfall" of the Tom Tom is that it is Bluetooth only to helmet/intercom/whatever, whereas the Zumo can be BT but also has cable out too. StarCom1 do a headset for the Zumo ($110.00) so if all you want is the Zumo to supply stereo music, phone via BT and instructions youre up and running and it wont go flat like a BT headset.
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              thanks guys. Now to find the best deals.....


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                Go with the Tom Tom Rider V2 (The V2 is important the first version had lots of issues). I was looking at both and frankly its impossible to even get a good look at the Garmin.

                Got a TomTom Rider V2 myself and it works brilliantly. Very fast and intelligent on its routing. I've not had any problems with it not finding a location I'm going to, but admittedly I've only been within about 200km of the city center with it.

                Things to consider:
                • TomTom includes a bluetooth headset. I have recharged it twice since I got it in August and use it at least 2 hrs a day every day. Often leave the headset switched on all day in fact. The Garmin doesn't include a headset.
                • The Garmin includes a car mount, the TomTom doesn't.
                • The TomTom includes all the wiring needed to draw power from the bike. I got this installed and now only have to charge the unit except when I remove it from the bike and forget to turn it off (notice a patten here).
                • The both use the same RAM mount system just with a different end adaptor to connect to the unit.
                • They both use the same map data, TomTom has just released their 2007/08 Australian Maps, don't know about Garmin's release schedule, there Australian site is shocking.
                • Most importantly the Garmin is $1500 order 6 to 8 weeks to get one, no one in Perth stocks them. TomTom is $1000 walk into most JB HiFi stores and they'll have one in stock, as will most DSE I've seen, and it includes everything you need to be getting voice directions in the box.


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                  or get a Magellan if you need the best country maps.


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                    I'm getting a Zumo tomorrow - and BIG thanks to Evil_Homer for the great deal and organising it! I'll let you all know how it goes - especially in comparison to my Tom-Tom OneXL.
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                      I have found out from GME that the only place in perth with a working demo of a zumo is Ranger Camping in Canningvale.

                      I still can't makeup my mind due to justifying the cost. And I really would like to be able to have a playt with the Zumo before forking out that much money.

                      So far I have found a Zumo + satrcomm1 wired headset will set me back around the $1400

                      Or a Rider with car mount for around the $960.

                      I like the idea of the Zumo as it data logs and you can record where you went on a ride, which I think would be good when on a group ride in an unknown area so you can go back and do it again. Plus I like the idea of the mps player.

                      Tom Tom would be good in all other respects and for $400 bucks less is an attractive option.

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                        Yeah the one option missing from the TomTom is the ability to record where you've been for later use, other than that I'm very happy with it.

                        Also where did you find somewhere selling the TomTom car mount, I've had one on order since I bought the rider and as far as I've been able to tell other than a couple of demo units at trade shows none of the car mounts have made it to retail in Aus


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                          The car mounts I have found so far are either internet orders or retail placing them on order. Again its all a waiting game and no one has them to grab hold of instantly.