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Bought my first bike today!

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  • Bought my first bike today!

    Here she is.

    A 1993 GPX, about 46,000km on the clock and in wonderful condition.
    As cliche as it sounds it was owned for the past 2 years by one of those middle age ladies who didn't ride more than 1000km in that time.

    Picked her up this morning, took her to a few bike shops down here in Bunbury and they had a quick look over. Wayne Patterson was really friendly and generous in giving advice, a Mervin straight away took her for a little spin.

    The bike is really easy to ride, it's straight as because never been dropped (no evidence of a drop, none, no scratches anywhere) Good times ahead.

    That being said I've got a lot of learning to go. Had my first "Wow... cagers really want to kill us" moment. Completly my own fault, though due to inexperience.
    I had just turned onto a Bussel hwy - the first time I'd ever ridden in a 100+kmh zone. And was riding along that 2 lane hwy on the left side of the right lane. bad road positioning especially considering I was only doing 90km in a 110km zone.
    But this old guy in a white Barina passes me on my RIGHT, in the same lane as me. To manage this he had to put his right tyres outside the road markings, practically on the gravel.
    Really freaked me out. And I went to the left lane quicksmart.
    You live you learn. Its not cagers fault either, because its our own responsibility to ensure our safety.

    Also got insurance sorted out - really cheap through Swan insurance.
    -23 yr old
    -no claim bonus rating 1.
    -Bike is insured for 2.5k
    -with no claim bonus protection (can make one at fault claim a year without losing no claim bonus)
    -a $500 helmet insurance with no excess for 1 helmet a year
    -insurance is valid for any licenced person who rides the bike.

    The girl on the phone told me that starting today Swan are selling directly to the public, they had previously had contracts with bike shops and other distributors and didn't offer insurance directly to the public at those prices.
    In case anyone wants a quote etc - heres the number - 1300 307 926

    Anyway I can't wait to get on the bike again, its sitting in the front yard right night, just waiting for me. I'll see you all at a group ride soon.

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    Congrats on new bike man
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      Congrats and have fun


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        Good job, congrats and enjoy it

        * be careful out there, cagers show you no respect soemtimes (pretty much all the time)

        Ride safe
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          Enjoy it out there mate.
          Shiney side up and all that now
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            Congrats mate. Looks good
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              Congrats Greg,

              Now go ride it hard and have some fun
              Hungry? Why wait? Grab a Savs!


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                Congrats and stay safe


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                  enjoy, have fun this summer. do a wheelie!
                  Have you won the game recently?? Post here


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                    Congrats. Have fun! great bike to learn on.


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                      good on YOU



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                        well done mate enjoy
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                          The good folk at swan are already having a meeting to think of ways not to pay your insurance.



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                            Congrats buddy. Sounds like you are one happy chap, .


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                              Looks great! Good to see you found one of the gems out there.

                              Just a word of warning... if you're going to park it on the grass, put something under the kick stand or use the centerstand... the last thing you want is your stand sinking into the grass and damaging the plastic on that really nice bike just after you've bought it.

                              May the riding gods give you many good km's out of your tyres, sprockets and chain. May good weather be wherever you ride, and may the heathen cagers who cross your path be smited and lose their mirrors for their inability to drive...
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