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AHG Full Day Tuning Session Photos

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  • AHG Full Day Tuning Session Photos

    Hi Guys, spent the morning at AHG taking some photos of the streetbike and Motard guys there before shooting off to an exam in the arvo. Mucho thumbsup to Andrea for providing a TV, couch and shade that was top work mate. Great to see a whole bunch of people giving up their time to help out on the day including HIHO. I have gone through the pics and have uploaded most of them to some webspace i made free.

    The location of all images is here:

    AHG Tuning Session 12th November 2007

    Some of my favourite shots of the day were these:

    Thanks for the nice time guys, next time I hope to be out there on 2 wheels!

    Oh and if you want any of the pics just send me a PM with your email address and i'll email them to ya!



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    Nice work Ben.

    Thanks for coming to take pics. It must have been tough laying out in the sand/grass eating all the hot flies today.


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      Yep, very nice work Ben. You should have got a pick of Andrea's home away from home!

      Love the pic of the MV.


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        Nice pic's Ben..

        Look's like all race bikes..

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          Hi Ben,

          Would love it if you could email pics 132, 192, and 200.

          [email protected]

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            Who is that slow looking fella on bike #26?
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              Was trying to copy ur lines.....but find out were too slow for me....

              Ben great photos mate!! Ur got a good eye for shots, there will be one more Full Day TS in December, hopefully next one u will be on the other side of the camera....

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                Great work Ben, well done & great effort, especially considering the conditions.

                Even more impressive is that there doesn't appear to be a single fly in any of the shots. Now that must have taken some skill!
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                  GR8 shots there Ben, & there U were sayin It's nothin flash not like Davey's!
                  Nothin wrong with them shots except not enough of ME
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                    Sweeet. thx broz.
                    Love the 1st one.
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