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Off the 250 - onto the BIG BOY

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  • Off the 250 - onto the BIG BOY

    Ok - Im ready for an upgrade. Off the 250 onto bigger and better things! Only problem is...where do I start? :idea:
    I would like to spend around $6K - $8K max! (Is this not enuff?). I would looovveee a Duc but definately dreaming on this budget. So looks like Im stuck with having a 600 (which is cool) and I like the CBR's to tell you the truth. But Im open minded, so for all you PSB people out there...HELP! Can you give me some suggestions or do you know of anyone selling. Best if its up to scratch mechancially too as I dont particularly want to give my mechanic anymore money towards his pride and joy. Would rather spend it on mine.
    Thanks :roll:

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    Welcome To The Big Bore World!!

    I had a 1998 Kwaka ZX6R, Looks really sporty, actually, is really sporty, and heaps of power, especially coming off a 250 machine. Was an awsome bike.

    You might find an older Ducati 600SS for around $8000, but as well as the large initial price, maintenance and parts will keep you poor. Stick with the Jap bikes, and after you get over the 600, get a TLR :twisted:

    All the supersports from 1998 onwards are really good bikes, at around the price your looking at, so take them all for a spin, see which one is for you.
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      From my big bore hunting adventures I learned a few things:

      Dont ride the 04 bikes for the hell of it first up. It makes it very hard to find an older big bore that handles as nice *slaps self*

      Always ask if the suspension has been tweaked. It shocked me how differently two bikes of the same year/make/model can handle with tweaked suspension. So dont rule out a particular year/model of bike based on one example. Its also amazing how differently different years of the same model handle.

      Enjoy going round trying out all the different bikes!

      I wrote this whilst looking for my bike - it may give you a few ideas

      NOTE: they are just my overall opinions


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        contact churchy.NSX he selling a 97 gsxr600 with new engine!!!!!!


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          my girlfriend picked up a 95 CBR900RR with 25000 on the clock for $7500, and it was immaculate.... they are a little big, but great bikes. the zx-6r's are real nice too, especially from a 250.....

          then definately go the TLR when ya need the big grin


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            I've got a 99 zx6r for sale :!:


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              GPX_Gal: great read. although i dont agree with some of your write up i can put that down to body mass and riding style. but definately a great write up and a must read for anyone looking for a bike.

              in fact i think i might just go and do the same thing from a guys point of view.

              any shops wanna lend me some bikes for 30 mins at a time?

              I'm the noob you all pwn!


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                imho, buying older cheaper bikes doesnt save you money. You pay for it in the maintenance. I bought an marked always garaged 2000Zx6 with 13000km on it this year for $9500 which was more than i wanted to spend but the alternatives in the $7000 price range more often than not had 30000km on them and were well used bikes.
                In regards to finance, i have a $6000 3 year loan on the bike which is linked to my house loan, and the total interest payment over 3 years is only about $750. The total interest on a personal bank loan not linked to house interest rates was about $1100 over 3 years. consider if you will pay that much in maintenance on an older bike.
                Originally posted by Bendito
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                  My first was a zx6. Older ones have less power than the new ones and it comes on very smoothly, easy to ride.

                  In fact after a couple of years on my first zx6, I had to go out and buy the new one.

                  Have a look around the 99 to 2001 models.

                  What bike you got now and how much you want to sell it for? Girlfriends looking for her first


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                    i too had a 98 zx-6r and couldn't fault it as a first big bike.


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                      From my point of view and I admit this straight up, it's totally Gix 750 is a great jump from small to big bore...It has enough power to keep up with 1000's but still has the handling (if not better) than that of a 600...but like I said, my opinion is totally biased as I'm a Zuki lover and I fell in love with my '00 750 when I first saw it....

                      Thats my 2c
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                        Ride as many bikes as you can... Then decide.
                        Aim high and consider yourself worthy of great things


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                          is it a good idea to go straight to a 1000 or is that too big a jump....?

                          the new zx-10r's give me the horn!


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                            Re: 1000's?

                            is it a good idea to go straight to a 1000
                            Yeah that or jumping off a third story balcony.... :shock:

                            You might survive, but I dont like your chances.... :?


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                              Re: 1000's?

                              is it a good idea to go straight to a 1000
                              Yeah that or jumping off a third story balcony.... :shock:

                              You might survive, but I dont like your chances.... :?
                              when the time comes maybe it will just have to be a zx-6r and a bottle of viagra.....