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Off the 250 - onto the BIG BOY

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    well from my current experience i have bought a 94 fireblade and it is great it will do 200kph and looks good paid $6600 for it with 50000 on it.
    so far so good and all bikes have to be serviced but it is still $12000 cheaper than a new one and is a great introduction to big bikes. i came from 20 years on cruizers to sports bikes and this is excellent

    my 2c worth

    also Lush get someone who rides a big bore to ride test it for you as it is so different there are guys and gals on here that would help you out and give you honest opinions
    A site all parents should check regulary



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      Gday mate, like a few of the others have said just test ride as many as you can and then get the one you feel the most comfortable with and that is within your price bracket, your bike is out therejust gotta be patient and you will find it. Also in regards to going strait to 1000 if you take it easy and ride within your limits you should be rite, I myself do not own a 1000 but im not gonna delay the inevetable when its my time, i know heaps of people who went from 250 to 1000 and theyre still alive.

      Good luck on your search


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        The big bores will get you into alot of trouble, alot faster. Just keep your head screwed on and you should be able to go straight to the litre.

        Only problem i can see is the one im having at the moment with insurance (which is a must regardless of cost).

        Insurance companies dont like 20 year olds riding 250kph+ bikes.


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          Re: Off the 250 - onto the BIG BOY

          So looks like Im stuck with having a 600 (which is cool) and I like the CBR's to tell you the truth. But Im open minded, so for all you PSB people out there...HELP!
          Lush, a CBR600 is a great bike to get up to from a 250, and believe me you won't be giving away much to the big boys in terms of performance.

          At the end of the day it is all about how you ride. Having a zillion kilowatts is one thing but being able to use it all is another thing! In most cases all it gives you is bragging rights at the pub!

          Even at the track, a look at the Clubman class results will clearly show you that there is not much in it between a 600 - 1000cc sportsbike in capable hands. It is more about rider skill than outright bike performance that is what makes the difference.

          Here's a CBR600 that is on the market right now if you are interested

          Good luck with the new bike and ride safe!

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            Insurance companies dont like 20 year olds riding 250kph+ bikes.[/quote]

            Well....I thank you for that compliment - 20 huh? Exxxcceeellllennnttt.........Oh they were the days. Im a wee bit older than that, but thanks for the reminder on the insurance.

            I want tos ay thanks to all ofo you. The advice has been A grade and I am now a lot clearer on what to look out for and I have definatley made up my mind on a 600 thanks to a lot of your comments. Also meeting up with the girls from the PSB and talking with them has given me a hell of a lot of education on the topic. All in all, i am going to test ride a lot and look out for weight, suspension and handling and of course power.
            Luv yas all........Ride safe