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  • How do you park?

    I was at the beach last night when I saw an old Beemer parked in a car bay. This struck me as both odd and selfish seeing as how there were 4 empty motorcycle bays (as well as a large paved area) and very few empty car bays.

    So it got me thinking.

    How does everyone park?

    Is there a standard way?

    So here's mine

    Carpark - In a motorcycle bay, if none then on a paved area/next to any other bikes.

    Street - Across the front of a bay, back wheel to the curb. Or if it's a small street parallel to the curb or on the verge.
    Feels good man.

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    I have no reservations about parking in a car bay.


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      No standard way, bikes bays first usually, then depending on how considerate I feel, car bay or footpath/island/whatever


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        I usually park like this as to take up less space and not annoy other cars.

        Seriously i park in the bike bay if there is one if not in a car bay and if that is taken anywhere i like. I think most people would do the same.


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          As far as i'm concerned, if you're a customer/patron of the shop/district providing the parking, you're entitled to park in a designated parking space - whether you ride a bike, drive a car or have one of those gopher type things.

          However, if the car bays are paid bays, I'll pay for a ticket.
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            90% of the time a car has one person in it, so what's the difference between a car or a bike in a bay.
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              on sunday at the markets we parked 2 bikes in a car bay and this lady went past totally pissed off that we had taken the spot, yet she was by herself in the car, so who is right and who is wrong and should i care.

              normally i go for bike bays, but if the council is not bike friendly to us parking on the footpath then a car bay it is.
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                I park wherever I want because I am better than everyone else.


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                  I park in the motorcycle parking or if that is full/non existant/I cant find it then I park next to the push bikes which is usually on or near the footpath. As a last resort I will park in a car bay.


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                    Where i feel the bike wont topple. I love the look on peoples faces when i take a car bay with my bike. I pay my rego & license fee's, i also tend to shop at the places i park.
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                      Carpark - In a motorcycle bay, if none then on a paved area/next to any other bikes, if there's a single bike in a car bay and I can park next to them without restricting them in any way I'll park there. I also try not to park where my bike might get hit by some driver not watching where he's going, obviously. Generally speaking I give cars right of way, because if cars get shitty they can easily damage my ride. The only exception is at work, where we have a major problem with parking and people parking in the reserved spaces - then I park my bike on a diagonal across the car bay to prevent anyone else using it.

                      Street - Parallel to the curb, wheel turned into the incline, rarely with any variation. I almost always do this on the street.
                      Dual sport riders do it in the dirt


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                        wherever i fkn please

                        17 years of it, 1 parking ticket (and he had warned me about parking there about 10 times before that

                        Do make an effort to point uphill though

                        personal favourite is a nice big car bay so I dont have to worry about some tard clipping my bike when they try to squeee their offroad landbarge into a spot.



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                          At Cot on Friday there was a Yellow Hyosong parked in a car bay when there were plenty of spaces in the bike area. (i had 4 in my car) I thought this was a bit selfish:mellow:
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                            one thing i would say -

                            someone ^^^^ up there said about parking at the very front of a car bay, I wouldn't do that because you will get some guy in a car trying to squeeze into the rest of the bay. If your parking in a car bay, park right in the middle so its obvious that a car can not fit in there too.


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                              When I say at the front. I mean when there's already a car in there. So in between the back of one car and the front of the next but making sure theres enough room for them to get out.
                              Feels good man.