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RTA survey, ends November 30th

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  • RTA survey, ends November 30th

    Hi guys,
    I actually found this survey about peoples impressions on the RTA's effectiveness, strategies and so on. So please people, if you want a say, here it is.

    Towards Zero

    It can take a while if you write and read everything, or you can just do it quickly. Your choice.

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    effectiveness....Farkin useless


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      To what extent do you support reducing regional speed limits from 110km/h to 100km/h, then re-instating to 110km/h once safer roads are in place?
      i can see that happening

      this has to be one of the most biased surveys ive taken

      youve got 3 for options and 1 against option

      Have you ever made a mistake while driving on the roads?
      how many honest "no" responses do they expect from that?

      was it publicised anywhere that this survey was on?

      im sure they cant expect a represntative sample of the wa community to participate in it
      results are nothing if the sample is insufficient


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        well, i was just looking up crap, cuz occasionally i do write in to the pollies with facts and details, and highlighting flaws in the research. Doesn't do much, but better then whinging and complaining and doing shit all. I clicked on some link on the RTA site, and got linked to that. But yeah, most people wouldn't find it unless you knew it was happening.