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Service for a Kawasaki ??

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  • Service for a Kawasaki ??

    Hi All

    I have been getting my 2000 ZX-12R serviced by MDH. The guy is an excellent Mechanic and has done a bloody great job - but I just can't afford him anymore. Can anyone suggest a good Bike Mechanic, one who has worked a bit on Kawaka's as well......

    Thanks in advance


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    Derek Ball llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllll

    Search, you'll find his number


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      Well it depends on what you're getting done...I got my ZZR serviced last month and it cost me $817 but that was a major service including valve clearances and a new tyre...I got my 636 serviced about 2 weeks later which was just a routine service and it was just over $200.

      Both times by Causeway Kawasaki. You could try that Derek Ball guy, I've never used him but other forum members have and they swear by him.

      Oh, by the way, you get what you pay for


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        Derek Ball has been looking after my beastie for a while now, no complaints at all.
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          Derek Ball FTW


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            +1 for Derek Ball. He just serviced mine and it's hell nice now. Top bloke.
            Feels good man.


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              Thanks to all the replies

              Don't get me wrong - I know you get what you pay for - however the last time around I don't think that's what happened.......

              It looks like Derek's got the nod - I'll give him a call

              Thanks again and ride safe all .....