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Yamaha, Honda, Kwaka equivalent of DRZ400SM?

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  • Yamaha, Honda, Kwaka equivalent of DRZ400SM?

    Hey all.

    Could anyone please point out the other make equivalents of the DRZ400SM. (I don't know the model names). After seeing Taint's DRZ400 I think I have to get myself something similar next year.


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    Fkn software.


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      Husqvarna 450/510/610
      Husaberg 450/550
      Aprilia 450/550
      Honda XR400 supermoto
      Ktm 690 (more power, MUCH heavier, larger fuel tank, more comfortable) Not really a true motard though. Looks shit hot

      The larger engines are in a low state of tune (600cc+ & DRZ) so maintenance is not too bad on them, service every 6000 km

      The race bred engines like the Husaberg, etc are pretty high strung and require constant preventative maintenance and an oil change every 500km.

      Thats why I chose the DRZ. Down on power by about 10-15hp on the 450's but a lot less hassles and doesn't mind freeway trips.

      The race bred machines will die if you keep them revved out all day long. I had a look at the Honda CRF450x to convert it to moto and they recommend no prolonged journeys over 80km/h


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        Originally posted by Desmogod View Post
        Ridden it

        Not even Honda salesmen recommend it

        the DRZ SM has a bigger brake, puts out more power and costs less...


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          KLX(?)450, new for this year I'm told.

          And for a while, Kawasaki were selling KLX400's which were rebadged (and recoloured DR400's when Kawi and Suzi had their little off-road joint venture thing going.


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            Go the Aprilia SXV550, you know u want to.
            I love two strokes. Because they annoy the shit out of people. ^_^


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              The klx450 got here earlier this year and is a good off road machine, no stock supermoto variant though.

              Costs around $3k for a basic supermoto setup, more if you want a slipper clutch, etc

              Originally posted by Stratos View Post
              Go the Aprilia SXV550, you know u want to.
              Goes with high maintenance but I would consider selling my left testicle for one

              Edit: love the signature Stratos
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                Yeah, well I certainly don't want to have to fork out for oil every 500km. It'd be an everyday bike. What sort of mileage do you get on your DRZ taint? I forgot :\.

                Looks like DRZ is probably the best at the moment.



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                  Ridden hard about 120-130 till reserve (reserve is around 2.5-3 litres) on a 10 L tank

                  Ridden normally, ie hard starts but not redlining everywhere I get around 160-170km.

                  Aftermarket pipe, airbox modified, much larger main jet.

                  Stock was around 180, so not a huge difference in mileage


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                    SXV550, u know u wanna!
                    I love two strokes. Because they annoy the shit out of people. ^_^


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                      "You know you want this??......
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                        Yeah Yeah kel999, put that porn away