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    Ok my old freebe samsung backpack that I take with me everytime I ride has just about fallen appart. So im just wondering what do you guys use?
    Are there decently priced MC backpacks or am I best to wait till the start of feb and grab one when they bring the "Back to school" stock out?

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    Yeah, I got a Fox one from work, awesome


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      I use an ixon but will start looking for a new one soon. The single shoulder packs are easy to get on and have a strap around the waist to stop them moving about but if you put any weight in them they pull heavily on one side and you end up with a stiff neck.


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        Check out Crumpler. They are not made specifically for riding, but they make awesome bags. Can't recommend them highly enough.


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          RJays one from total motorcycle in vic park approx $25 is a great one, its the one I use and it goes everywhere, has a centre strap that has elastic to go across breasts to stabize


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            Nips uses a hiking backpack which is pretty damn comfey, i cant remember the brand of it though.
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              Kriega motorbike motorcycle accessories backpacks Australia & New Zealand

              specifically made for motorbikes.

              a bit pricey tho but pretty cool.

              i want one


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                Camelback do some fancy backpacks, with hydration thingies included.
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                  Dakine FTW

                  Water reservoir and secures a helmet as well.


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                    Laptop Bag, Bags & Luggage - Diesel, Mandarina Duck, Hedgren, Booq, Samsonite, The North Face in Australia
                    ^^^ Would be a good place to start *they used to be called*

                    I have this one

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                      thats freakin hot


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                        Got a blackwolf backpack - comfy, lotsa features, relatively cheap and not bad lookin.

                        Black Wolf Adventure Gear - Home

                        I picked mine up from my local Rangers outdoor/camping shop.
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                          ^^^ +1

                          Mine lasted a couple of years, only cost around $40.00 and I didn't look like a tool when I needed to use it for non-bike-related stuff
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                            I use a Targus laptop backpack, has a waist strap so the bag doesn't hop around on my back when I'm moving along at a fair clip. It's also extremely cavernous inside and tough as nails.


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                              I bought this oakley a couple of years ago, hardshell but still has heaps of room. Comfy on the back and heaps of adjustable straps.

                              It's doesn't look too 'out there' either, so you can use it when you're not on the bike and not look like a unit.